Let’s go, Brandon! This has been the most famous nationwide expression.

It all started when fans at NASCAR were chanting, “f*** Joe Biden” while NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast incorrectly described a chant of “Fuck Joe Biden” by spectators at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race as “Let’s go, Brandon” during a televised interview of driver Brandon Brown on October 2, 2021.

This has been the political slogan ever since it went viral. You can even hear this chant in different sports arenas.

But recently, NASCAR President Denounces the usage of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and wanted to stay out of politics.

Fox News confirmed:

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I feel for Brandon, I feel for Kelli,” Steve Phelps, NASCAR’s president, said Friday in comments that were confirmed by NASCAR to Fox News. “I think, unfortunately, it speaks to the state of where we are as a country. We do not want to associate ourselves with politics, the left or the right.”

Additionally, Phelps said that NASCAR will crackdown on social media users who use its logo to promote the trend.

“We will pursue whoever (is using logos) and get that stuff,” Phelps said. “That’s not OK. It’s not OK that you’re using our trademarks illegally, regardless of whether we agree with what the position is.”

MSNBC added:

NASCAR denounced its association with the “Let’s go, Brandon” political cry being used across the country as an insult directed at President Joe Biden. Steve Phelps, NASCAR’s president, said Friday the top motorsports series in the United States does not want to be associated with politics “on the left or the right.”

Phelps also said NASCAR will pursue action against any illegal use of its trademarks on merchandise boasting the slogan. Retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra posted a photo on Twitter this week of a man-eating breakfast at a New Jersey hotel wearing a black “Let’s go, Brandon” shirt alongside NASCAR’s trademarked color bars.

But NASCAR can’t control people’s wants, so he just wanted to keep himself out of context from the controversial slogan so expectedly, he won’t appreciate these…

Sources: WeLoveTrump, MSNBC, Fox News

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