A regular Sunday church visit saved innocent children from this sex maniac.

Authorities have received a report from a local pastor that Robert Cota, 31-years-old had concerns with one of the principles in the church’s book of standards. He just made an explicit reference to the term “incest.”

The pastor not only reported the confession of the criminal but also provided Cota’s address, contact number, and a picture of him. Thanks to the new member’s orientation session for all the information.

WEAR-TV reported: 

Robert Cota, 31, is charged with 600 charges of sexual assault involving a juvenile and another 600 instances of incest, all of which are felonies. He is being detained in the Escambia County Jail on a bail of $3 million, according to court documents and the police have confirmed that the acts for which they have accused Cota starting in 2015 which the child was still 7-years-old.

Watch the TV Report: Youtube/WKRG 

WKRG also added that the victim’s mother and her child were residing at another residence at the time of the incident.

As of this writing, the relationship between the child and the suspect is not yet revealed but Cota claims that her sexual assault on the child is an expression of love.

What a jerk, The man previously was arrested on aggravated assault charges for pointing a gun at the girl he was abusing where the mother of the victim caught Cota and her child in bed.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, WEAR-TV


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