According to the Associated Press reports on Thursday, a new fence is planning to be built around the Capitol building as discussed by the Capitol Police.

This is in preparation for a rally supporting people charged in connection with the Jan. 6 incident, the outlet added.

The 13 News Reported:

The Capitol Police officers said they were first told to be ready for fence reconstruction during a roll call meeting about two weeks ago – a huddle when department leaders brief officers on daily matters, changes in procedure, and upcoming events.

The roll call discussions concerning reconstructed Capitol fencing have not been previously reported.

The “Justice for J6” rally is scheduled for this month near the west front of the Capitol – a protest supporting jailed Jan. 6 insurrection defendants.

Matt Braynard, the head of data for the 2016 Trump campaign, announced the gathering on Steve Bannon’s podcast this summer, issuing a clarion call for his followers to seek justice for Capitol riot defendants.

“As we continue to raise the profile of these individuals, it makes it harder and harder for the left’s phony narrative about an insurrection to stick,” Braynard said on Bannon’s podcast July 30. “What’s going to define [the rally] is where it’s going to take place: we’re going back to the Capitol.”

Yogananda Pittman, the Capitol Police officer who led intelligence operations for the agency on Jan. 6, has been put back in charge of intelligence, AP reported.

In a statement to the AP, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said the department was “closely monitoring September 18 and we are planning accordingly.”

“After January 6, we made Department-wide changes to the way we gather and share intelligence internally and externally,” Manger told the wire service. “I am confident the work we are doing now will make sure our officers have what they need to keep everyone safe.”AP reported the Metropolitan Police Department will activate its entire force Sept. 18 and has put specialized riot officers on standby.

With the rally being held on a Saturday, the House will be in recess and few lawmakers or staff are expected to be around, CNN said.

Sources: Newsmax, 13newsnow, Nbcwashington


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