Ted Cruz Just Took Liberals And Absolutely Horse Whipped Them!

This was way too hilarious but on spot to humiliate Biden with his friendly horseback riding technique.

What Ted Cruz posted on his Twitter described what really Biden wants for our border patrols to ride. By now, we all realize that Joe Biden is desperate.

We all know America already spits Biden out, I mean he only brings disasters in his 9 months in the office. And His approvals just keep on plummeting… non-stop.

With all this disaster he’s done, Joe will do everything in his power to get his folks back in the game and fighting hard in order to take some heat off of himself.

So even this tiny little silly and “horsewhip story” from the border is becoming a big deal for Biden’s administration.

It was already cleared that there was no whip, and nobody was whipping black Haitians illegally trying to break into our country…

But like I said, the Dems need a distraction, so they’ll take anything they can get and twist it. But if you wanna talk about “twisting”…well, two can play at that game, right Ted Cruz?

Ted captioned it “Problem solved!”


Take a look at the photo below:

That’s the way to do it, Ted.

Mockery and heckling these Dems is some of the best ammo we’ve got to use against them.

These elites want so badly to have their issues taken seriously, and have everything they say and do be so dramatic and “righteous.”

So mocking them with words and memes and jokes (in a case such as this) is an excellent way to fight back.

And of course, as always, we support our Border Patrol.

Source: WayneDupree