One of the sickest things that you can do is to stop someone from being able to get medical attention.

It is why even in times of war, the United States gives medical attention to captured prisoners because it is a basic show of humanity.

This is why what is going on in some of these Democratically run cities by these Black Lives Matter thugs is absolutely disgusting.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office reported that one male and one female deputy were ambushed in their car in Compton.  The pair were announced to be in critical condition, and in emergency surgery.

The female deputy is a 31-year-old mother with a 6-year-old, and the man is 24 years old. Both were shot in the head, according to local news. The two officers had both just been sworn to duty, 14 months ago.

Before that announcement had been made, medics had to work their way thru a mob, which was attempting to block the hospital entrance, and prevent the officers from getting treatment, according to the Sheriff’s Dept.  Some members of the mob were allegedly screaming, “We hope they die.”

Law enforcement had to break up the violent mob to get the deputies into the hospital.  An officer did arrest one man, who was then joined by a female agitator, who attempted to obstruct the arrest of the man, and who called herself “Press.”

One of the tactics of the left is to claim rioters are legal observers, or members of the press, in hopes they will get special privileges and avoid punishment.  These people have often been accused of obstructing arrests.

Resources are being offered by the FBI to locate the shooter, who is being described as a man by one of the deputies.

“LASD sources tell me both deputies were in their vehicle when they were both shot in the head and that this was a “straight ambush”. LASD are working on suspect info.  There have been rumors that one of the deputies passed away.  I heard some of the same talk, but my sources are telling me that is incorrect, that both are still alive and recovering. Sheriff Villanueva is holding a press conference at 10pm, so we will find out soon,” reported Bill Melugin, a Fox News correspondent.

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