A vehicle sits at the drive-thru window of a McDonald's Corp. restaurant in Peru, Illinois, U.S., on Monday, July 20, 2015. McDonald's Corp. is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on July 23. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

She Came Into McDonald’s Through The Back Door And All Hell Broke Loose (VIDEO)

Anyone that has worked at a McDonald’s in their youth will tell you that there is always one story that happens while at work that defies description.

I worked at one many decades ago and one story that happened to me was absolutely beyond belief.

Two drunks came through the drive through and wanted sixteen apple pies. No big deal, but the problem was that they just wanted a bag of uncooked apple pies.

When we couldn’t do it for health code reasons, they didn’t understand the exact reasons why and began honking their horn until they finally left.

What’s funny about it is two days later they came in with their families to eat lunch as sober as a judge.

McDonald’s employees in California were left stunned when a woman burst through the fast food restaurant’s back door. Sadly, things would only get worse when she made one request. As it was denied, all hell broke loose.

Employees at a Santa Ana McDonald’s were left dumbfounded at around 11 pm on a Saturday night when a woman stormed inside through the rear employee entrance, which is usually locked.

She was searching for ketchup packets, but was, of course, told she wasn’t supposed to be in the building.

With the customer dining room closed, she decided to give the manager a piece of her mind — and a taste of her fists.
 The shocking moment the unnamed woman became combative and began to beat the manager of the Santa Ana McDonald’s was caught on surveillance video, which shows the manager being punched and choked by the furious woman.
The Santa Ana Police Department released the footage of the attack on the McDonald’s manager in hopes someone would recognize the attacker, who they describe as being Hispanic with brown hair and approximately 20 to 25 years old. She is seen in the video wearing pink and was reportedly upset over missing packs of ketchup.
She had apparently asked for the condiment when placing her order. When she received her bag, however, there was no ketchup inside. Apparently, that was enough to cause her to push, punch, and choke the manager as she stood near the restaurant’s drive-thru window, Daily Mail reported. Another employee, seen wearing black, tried to pull the woman off of the manager as the brutal assault unfolded.

The confrontation went on for about a minute until a man, who does not appear to be an employee of the Santa Ana McDonald’s, also entered the restaurant through the back door, according to CBS Los Angeles. He then walked up to the attacker, grabbed her, and led her out the door as stunned employees look on.