We apparently live in a world now where if you agree with one thing then apparently you don’t agree with another.

People are too reactionary these days and it shows. The way the demonstrations have taken place all over the country now, it would be like if you got a bowl of ice cream and someone punched you for not getting a flavor they liked. Doesn’t matter if you had the flavor they like two days ago.

We are seeing this all too often, people that have nothing to do with an issue being harassed because they suddenly came upon something. Liberals will get mad at you for not knowing things they just found out yesterday.

An elderly man was assaulted in an I-90 tunnel on Wednesday after he approached Black Lives Matter protestors for blocking all lanes of traffic.

Demonstrators had illegally parked their cars at the end of an I-90 tunnel around 10:30 that morning.

They stretched themselves across the freeway lanes, trapping hundreds of drivers inside the tunnel for around 20 minutes. The protestors played the drums, chanted in the echoing chambers of the tunnel, holding signs that read “Indigenous Lives Matter,” “If you’re upset imagine being black,” “powa 2 da people”, and “defund SPD”.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) was called and they sent several troopers to respond and arrest the demonstrators for disorderly conduct.

Before state troopers arrived, one elderly man exited his vehicle and approached the Black Lives Matter protestors, obviously agitated about the entire event. Video shows him yelling at the protestors, attempting to clear the path for his car to leave the tunnel.

The elderly man came close to the demonstrators, but initially did not touch them. Then, one demonstrator put himself directly in the lane of traffic the man was clearing. The man began pushing the demonstrator away, but other demonstrators quickly surrounded him. That’s when one demonstrator rushed in from the man’s right side, wrapped his arm around the man’s neck, and took him to the ground.

According to Preston Phillips, a journalist for KOMO 4 ABC News, the man was telling protestors that he was trying to get to the hospital for an important procedure.

When WSP troopers arrived, the protestors dispersed and no arrests were made. WSP is looking for witnesses to identify the man who assaulted the driver. Witnesses have already provided license plate numbers for the cars that were blocking the tunnel.

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  1. Palladini

    The Idiots are everywhere these days, if I was first in line in Tractor Trailer, I would bl;ow the air horn and pedal to metal boys, get out the way or get hurt and sorry about the cars I wreck, they should not have been parked in live lane

  2. Sammi

    Write down the license plate # of this cars illegally blocking the roadway. Give to police so they can get info on where they live. Out of state are usually the afacist & black lives…matter which are terrorists.


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