The mainstream media is always on the lookout for some kind of ulterior motive when it comes to the President. They always want to think that there is some hidden reason behind something.

For example, the thing with the truck blocking the CNN cameras while he was golfing. They thought that there was some big ulterior motive when in reality it was one of two things.

Either someone just happened to park the truck there in a strange coincidence or someone parked it there in a who really gives a hoot?

The mainstream media could better serve the public by finding better things to report about than a box truck in the parking lot of a golf course.

Whenever I think of how the White House Press Corps or the teams that cover the President act in their daily duties, I wonder how they would have handled being in the same job a hundred years ago when access to the President was a lot more limited than it is now.

Since they do have access so easily now, it’s great that we have someone like Sarah Sanders that is able to stand there and go toe to toe with them.

We’re so lucky to be entertained by such a great White House press secretary! She is so smart and so witty!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders congratulated the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama for making the national college championship game then noted that both teams are “deep in the heart of Trump Country”.

She was referring to the fact that both states overwhelmingly voted for President Trump in the 2016 election.

It didn’t take long for NBC News’ White House correspondent Peter Alexander to push back on Sanders: “Does the president see the country as Trump country and the rest of the country?” The press secretary smiled glibly noting that she was “simply making congratulating two great football teams in the greatest conference in the country.”

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