Although Meghan and Harry are effectively free to do what they wish with their own lives, it doesn’t mean for one moment that anyone has to put up with them.

Take for example that one member of the family we all have that is just a total pain in the backside. Sure, we can hope for them to do well and don’t wish them any harm..but it doesn’t mean we are going to have them over for dinner.

Shoot, there is one relative that I can personally tell you about that started a fight at a family gathering a few years ago over practically nothing that we just can’t have over to the house anymore because they made a scene.

It doesn’t mean we don’t care about them, it just means we don’t care to put up with their drama anymore.

A scorching editorial in the largest Canadian newspaper calls the move to Canada by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “unconstitutional.”

The Royal couple gave up their senior duties within the Royal family and are said to be dividing their time between Canada and Los Angeles. The Queen is on record as wishing they hadn’t done this, but Meghan has already been seen in Canada where she and Harry plan to live.

The Globe and Mail wrote that the royal couple’s plan to move to Canada violates laws:

“In response to the sudden announcement of a vague and evolving plan for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and Meghan – to move to Canada while remaining part of the Royal Family, the Trudeau government’s response should be simple and succinct: No.”

“You are welcome to visit, but so long as you are senior royals, Canada cannot allow you to come to stay … It breaks an unspoken constitutional taboo.”

“Canada’s unique monarchy, and its delicate yet essential place in our constitutional system, means that a royal resident — the Prince is sixth in the line of succession — is not something that Canada can allow.”

“A royal living in this country does not accord with the long-standing nature of the relationship between Canada and Britain, and Canada and the Crown.

“Though Canada borrowed from Britain, it isn’t Britain and never was. And this country long ago took steps to make that unmistakably clear.”

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