Well folks, it looks like another upset anti-Trumper that tried to stick it to the people that support him gets a little dose of some Karma.

VIA| We told you a little while back about a dopey guy in Maine who stopped selling propane to Trump supporters.

Another example of how tolerant liberals are.

The story didn’t end there.

Turns out he wasn’t supposed to be selling propane in the first place.

From Gateway Pundit:

Turner has not had a license to sell propane since 2012.
Central Maine reported:

Michael Turner, who said he would not sell fuel to anyone who voted for President-elect Donald Trump, has not been licensed since 2012.

A local propane dealer who said in a recent message that he won’t sell to anyone who voted for President-elect Donald Trump has been delivering and dispensing gas without a state license for at least two years, state officials said this week.

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