It is hard to feel sorry For Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s use the age-old example of someone stealing from a grocery store. Let’s say that someone tries walking out of a grocery store with a loaf of bread and a jaw of peanut butter to feed their starving children. Most people might feel sorry for them and there have been examples of the store itself giving them assistance by filling up a shopping cart for them instead of charging them with shoplifting.

On the other hand, when I was younger there was a guy that managed a grocery store in the town I grew up in and got caught stealing. The problem was, he was the store manager, made more money than any other employee, and had the keys to take out anything he wanted.

Nancy Pelosi has the keys.

Her leadership in the House has been the subject of criticism from factions in the Democratic Party, with new lawmakers like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota clashing with Pelosi over their refusal to fall in line with their party’s old guard.

Now, at least one Democratic candidate in Pelosi’s home state of California is using the House speaker as a punching bag during his own campaign to win a seat in Congress in an upcoming special election.

Cenk Uygur, founder of leftist progressive group The Young Turks, took to Twitter on Dec. 27 to attack Pelosi over her connections to the insurance industry.

He even implied the House speaker held some responsibility for the deaths of 45,000 uninsured people.

Uygur, a supporter of Medicare for All, asserted Pelosi is at fault for these deaths because she perpetuates the private insurance industry, which the fledgling candidate claimed has Pelosi in its pocket.

“[Then-Kentucky Governor] Matt Bevin appears to have taken a bribe to release a murderer,” Uygur tweeted. “But I don’t know why the FBI is investigating. These bribes are perfectly legal in America. They’re called campaign contributions.”

“When Nancy Pelosi took bribes from insurance companies and 45,000 people died,” Uygur continued, “because they didn’t have private health insurance, we didn’t call that a bribe.”

Socialized medicine — and Pelosi’s apparent stonewalling of it — seems to be at the center of Uygur’s brutal attacks on the House speaker.

This appeal to the radical socialist left is a seemingly sound strategy for any Democrat hoping to convince Californians to vote for them. With this attack on Pelosi for not being liberal enough, Uygur confirms exactly where he lies on the political spectrum.