If there is one person in this world that I will trust it is a doctor, because at the end of the day there has rarely been an occasions where one has steered me wrong.

I actually have a doctor that lives next to me and a few years ago, I was out checking my mail while he was walking by. He saw this swelling on my hand and told me to go immediately to get it checked out. If I  hadn’t gone immediately, I would have needed surgery on my hand a week later to remove a finger. As of today, I still have all of them.

Anyway, you can tell a lot about a person’s medical state by the way they act and talk. And looking at Joe Biden, you can tell the man doesn’t have it.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson believes that former Vice President Joe Biden lacks the “mental capacity” required to be commander in chief.

“He is not up to the job,” Jackson told reporters Tuesday in a conference call organized by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, The Washington Times reported.

“I’ve watched Joe Biden on the campaign trail and I’m concerned that he does not have the mental capacity, the cognitive ability, to serve as our commander in chief. He routinely gets lost in the middle of a thought and can’t recalibrate.”

“I’m not making a medical assessment,” Jackson went on. “I never took care of Vice President Biden. I’m not trying to remotely diagnose him with anything. I’m saying it as a concerned citizen.

“We can all see … something’s going on here. He is having some extremely bad days. This is serious. We’re picking a commander in chief [who] has to be at the top of their game cognitively. And he’s really not,” said the former Navy doctor, who is a Republican candidate for Congress in Texas’ 13th Congressional District.

It was not the first time he has made that proclamation, though he has not run for Senate since 2008.

In February at a campaign event in South Carolina, Biden said he was running for the Senate, Fox News reported.

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