It is excruciating watching the President of the United States continue to show disrespect for our Servicemen. By not showing up to the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor to show respect for the men and woman that lost their lives, speaks volumes about what kind of man he truly is.

VIA| Once again, Obama manages to make history all about himself. He didn’t even bother to show up for the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor this year. Instead, he posted a picture of himself commemorating Pearl Harbor four years ago on Twitter. What an insult to all those warriors that fought and died on that bloody day at the hands of the Japanese. 2,400 Americans perished that day and we found ourselves up to our chins in World War II. A war we didn’t start, but we certainly finished and won. But not without a horrific cost not only to America, but Japan and the world. And this is how our current President honors that day… with a pic of himself.

Obama is planning to visit the actual site and pay his respects later this month in a historic visit accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The media has been speculating whether Abe will apologize or not for Japan’s actions in World War II. Abe does not owe us an apology. That was a different government and a different time in Japan. An apology would mean nothing. Japan has already apologized over and over…

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What do you think of Obama not attending important events that past presidents would not dare miss?

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