If you haven’t heard of where Obama was at when the attacks took place, we’ll give you one good guess. DING! Your are correct! It seem like anytime there is an attack, Obama heads for the golf course. Even after being notified of the attack, our ‘great leader’ kept chipping away. Here is an account of his reaction.

It’s time for the adults run the country.

VIA| This is how Barack Obama has failed to lead from the very beginning. He just can’t be bothered to care. Enemy or not, Russia losing an ambassador this way is a huge deal and Obama should have been on the phone with Putin AND Erdogan immediately. But no… he just wanted periodic updates. Gee, it’s so reminiscent of Benghazi.

I guarantee you that President-elect Donald Trump will not behave like this. Neither will his Cabinet. The days of a non-leader in America who is more likely to be on the ninth hole than in the White House are over. The adults have arrived. Hopefully, not for the beginning of World War III.

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What do you think of Obama’s reaction after finding out about the attacks?

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