Despite the fact that we fought a war for independence to break away from as many things England as possible, there are Americans that are absolutely obsessed with the British royal family. With the wedding coming up in May it seems like now would be the time to be sending out the invitations.

The idea that Barack Obama is going to be getting an invitation would be kind of funny because that would just cater to he and Michelle’s heightened sense of entitlement. Look at how many weddings had to get moved during his time in office simply because he was playing golf.

Barack Hussein Obama has a hard time relinquishing his role of being the president and since leaving the White House has continued to act as such and expect certain entitlements. Michelle Obama is no exception to this entitlement mentality either and in some ways, she’s worse as she endlessly travels the globe and expects to be treated like a queen.

For eight years, she genuinely thought she was royalty. Now that she’s a regular citizen, she’s having a hard time of letting go of her former status as the (failed) first lady and keeps trying to push her way into every major social scene where she doesn’t belong and is apparently not invited.

When she heard the news that Prince Harry was marrying a black American girl, she assumed it was her and Barack’s place to be on that guest list, which has to be approved by the Queen of England herself.

Michelle made a desperation move to sneak a spot on that exclusive guest list and as soon as the real queen found out what the wannabe royalty did, she delivered a brutal beatdown that was definitely deserved.

As soon as the big news about the royal engagement of Prince Harry and an American actress Meghan Markle was announced, the Obamas saw an opportunity to edge their way into the elites, like a couple of desperate kids trying to hang with the popular crowd at school.

Barack immediately got on social media to beat President Trump to the congratulatory punch. He has a lot more time on his hands than the Commander-in-Chief who is busy cleaning up his mess. Barack practically stalked the prince on Twitter and made a post within seconds of the news coming out, which perhaps had an undertone of letting the royals know that he and Michelle were available that day to attend.

Wow, that was pretty embarrassing because there’s nothing sadder in this world than someone begging like that. The point is, if you aren’t wanted you can’t go. If you do go, don’t expect it to be the ending of Wedding Crashers.

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