When you think about Barack Obama what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Probably failure, quickly followed by crooked. The thing with Barack Obama is that anyone in his administration could pass for nomination into a crooked competition and win.

Now, there are a million ways that someone can be crooked and sometimes you really have to dig in between the layers to find it.

Give you an example. Several years ago, I lived in a city that raised the taxes on cigarettes. If they were five dollars a pack they were then five-fifty.

About two years after the law went into effect, I had to stop at an out of the way gas station to pick up a pack of cigarettes for someone.

I paid, and they handed me the cigarettes. I looked on the bottom and they didn’t have that little tax stamp that’s on the bottom.

As it turns out, the owner of this tiny gas station was charging people the “taxed” price for the cigarettes and keeping the difference for himself.

If Obama owned a gas station, that’s the kind of crap that he would do.

It’s evidently clear that Democrats have had a lot to hide for some time and were desperate to protect their secrets by replacing one criminal in office with another one.

Now that Barack Hussein Obama is a regular citizen, he’s no longer able to get away with his sleazy scandals and President Donald Trump is doing his part to blow the doors wide open on all of D.C’s big criminals.

You can pretty much bet that anything with Obama’s name on it is not good and one Obama business just proved that after it was discovered what it was actually a cover for.

Someone is going to prison and it will not be fun for them, as a long-overdue raid was made and uncovered worse than we thought. It all went down in South Carolina this week. They really had it coming.

WISTV reports: The owner of a well-known gas station in Columbia has been arrested and charged with tax evasion, the state’s Department of Revenue said in a statement on Tuesday.

DOR investigators charged Murad A. Alhanik, owner of the Obama Mart on North Main Street, with four counts of sales tax evasion.

Investigators say Alhanik failed to pay more than $136,000 in sales taxes over four years.

Alhanik, investigators said, evades taxes by underreporting sales from 2013 to 2016.

Alhanik faces up to five years in prison and/or $10,000 fine for each count.

The Obama gas station began turning heads in 2011 when Alhanik bought the station and rebranded it to feature the 44th President of the United States.

Alhanik said in an interview months after he rebranded the store that he saw an uptick in business.

“I see more people come in,” Alhanik said. “Excited with the name.”

No surprise that Alhanik, a Muslim immigrant, would name his business after his Muslim hero, Obama. Afterall, the former president helped him get to America without a care in the world of how it would affect natural citizens. Obama sees no problem with lying, cheating, and stealing, so his name is perfect for a business that operated under the same dishonest intentions.

Steadfast and Loyal reports of what the entitled Obama dreamer had to say about his “business” he was especially proud of: He said in an interview after the rebranding began getting noticed that he actually saw an uptick in business.

“I see more people come in,” Alhanik said. “Excited with the name.”

Now, Alhanik has been arrested and charged with tax evasion according to the state’s Department of Revenue in a statement released this week.

Specifically, DOR investigators have slapped him with 4 counts of sales tax evasion, saying that he’s failed to pay upwards of $136,000 in sales taxes over four years.

They’re also alleging that he’s underreported his sales between 2013 and 2016.

In a recent statement, the department says “Alhanik filed monthly sales tax returns reporting a total of $971,935 in gross sales. However, the DOR investigation revealed actual sales to be $2,688,533. Due to the underreported sales, the defendant evaded paying $136,753 in sales taxes due to the state of South Carolina.”

He’s currently being held at the Alvin S Glen Detention Center and is facing up to $10,000 in fines as well as up to 5 years in prison.

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