Mr. Stephen Paddock sent thousands of bullets and mass terror down on a huge crowd of people attending a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas.

Apparently, the “lone-wolf” had an arsenal in his 32nd floor in his hotel room and in his house about 80 miles away from the strip. Police recovered more than 20 guns from his Las Vegas room and another 19 guns from Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada.

The retired accountant who committed the shooting killed 59 people and injuring over 500 in the deadliest mass shooing in our US history.

However, frightening new details, including the discovery of scopes on rifles and multiple shooters have come to the surface. Ever since the night of the Las Vegas shooting, America has been dumbfounded and confused with suspicions over the mainstream story the media is feeding us.

Between the video footage details and the history of Paddock, things just don’t add up.

But after a Navy Seal overlooked the footage he decided to speak up about his opinion on the shooting, and his story might just debunk the mainstream narrative for good.

According to silenceisconsent:

The current narrative is that 64-year-old Stephen Paddock allegedly acted alone, with zero training, and managed to kill 59 people and wound hundreds more. The media claims he just “snapped” one day and decided to go on an all-out shooting spree, but veterans of Delta Force, the Green Berets, and now the Navy Seals seem to disagree.

Craig Sawyer, top ballistics expert and former Navy Seal leader, is confident that there were multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas Massacre. A federal criminal investigator with a slew of his own high level sources, Sawyer believes that although the echoes may be present, there’s definitely more than one shooter.

“I will get this caveat out there and it’s very important to be accurate,” he said. “Echoes are very confusing and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing, [but] even though you’re listening to the echoes and even though you’re listening to it after the fact through a microphone…it’s still apparent there was more than one shooter.”

Info Wars reports that he also pointed out the lack of footage of this alleged shooting. Las Vegas hotels and casinos are perhaps the most heavily surveilled locations on the planet, and yet for some reason officials have refused to release any footage—could it be that they’re hiding something?

He also pointed out that so far, there’s hasn’t been much footage released of Stephen Paddock, which suggests the footage would derail the mainstream narrative of a lone shooter.

Remember, Las Vegas hotels and casinos are amongst the most surveilled places per square foot in the world, and yet officials haven’t bothered to release much video. Why wouldn’t surveillance footage be released if it collaborates the official story?

That in itself suggests a cover-up of the parties involved in the shooting – and that the real truth goes much deeper than the mainstream narrative.

If there were multiple shooters, this information needs to be released so the public can help find those responsible.

As we reported on Friday, there’s emerging evidence that the Las Vegas shooting was an ISIS attack and that Paddock had been radicalized, either for real or as part of a cover as he had the hallmarks of an intelligence agency cutout.

Remember, intelligence agencies were behind the rise of ISIS as the CIA and other agencies were funding so-called “moderate” rebels in the Syrian Civil War who were fighting alongside ISIS in an attempt to overthrow President Assad.

Many of these “moderate” rebels later pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Others have suggested that the shooting was a cover up for an inside FBI arms deal with ISIS, and although no smoking gun has come to light, the whole situation certainly seems fishy. There’s a lack of footage, a lack of bullet casings, the blood in Paddock’s supposed “suicide” appears to be suspicious, and witnesses have claimed they saw multiple shooters.

Whatever the truth may be on the Las Vegas shooting, it will not be hidden for long. The writers at Silence is Consent, Info Wars, Breitbart, and every other independent conservative media outlet are hard at work to discover the truth—so please be sure to stay tuned, and check back for regular updates. We have a feeling that this is going to be big.

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