From $173,900 to $199,300 salary cap increase for top staffers, courtesy of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. She says this advocacy raise will help Congress recruit and retain the outstanding and diverse talent that we need.

She said in a statement; “As Speaker, I have been proud to take steps to ensure a diversity of experience and talent among staff, so that the halls of Congress, at every level, truly reflect those who we are honored to serve,” Pelosi announced.

“To that end, today, it is my privilege to announce an important new reform for our institution: raising the maximum annual rate of pay for staff to $199,300. This order will help Congress recruit and retain the outstanding and diverse talent that we need, as it also helps ensure parity between employees of the House of Representatives and other employees of the Federal Government,” she added.

On the other hand, gas price increase and abnormal inflation are hurting American families. For the record, since Joe Biden was installed earlier this year, gas price increase has spiked 41%.

The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.186 – over a $1 per gallon increase in the last year and US producer price inflation soars 7.8% annually in July. That’s the highest increase on the record. What a great turnaround as experts said that it will come down from 7.2% this month. That’s odd!

According to the Zero Hedge – After soaring to a record high 7.3% YoY in June, PPI was expected (like Core CPI) to moderate modestly in July to ‘just’ +7.2% YoY. They were wildly wrong as July’s PPI soared to a new record +7.8% YoY (up 1.0% MoM).  The trend is really frightening.

Americans are working more hours and shutting down small businesses for more than a year is the result of the Democrat and Rino tyrants but these doesn’t lose their jobs.

And now Speaker Nancy Pelosi is paying House staffers with a hefty salary that is up to $200,000 a year as American families suffer a lot more.

Not a very smart move.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge

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