MUSLIM TAXI DRIVER Kills SMALL BOY When Mom Answered One Simple Question….

You run into all kinds in this world, and it’s a sad fact that there are some whose basis of faith is to harm anyone that doesn’t practice the same faith.

I have a neighbor who is a Baptist youth pastor. Nice guy, young family and during the week runs a lot of awesome youth programs for kids in the area. I can’t imagine getting into an argument with him because we both go to different buildings to pray on Sunday.

It’s such a minor discrepancy in the Bible as to what we both believe it’s mind-boggling to think that people would try to hurt someone over something that small.

But there you have it, Muslims killing Muslims for the difference between an orange and a tangerine.

While transporting a mother and her 6-year-old son to their destination, a taxicab driver turned and asked the mother a question. Once she answered, he stopped the cab, pulled her little boy from the back seat, and brutally slit the child’s throat in front of his horrified mother.

Every culture and theology has its share of barbarity, and history provides proof. However, one religious ideology, in particular, stands heads and shoulders above the rest when it comes to mass brutality and the staunch resistance to reformation.

For over 1,400 years, Islam has enacted oppression and mass slaughter using methods identical to their founding prophet. While crucifixion, dismemberment, and burning are all effective manners of execution for the blasphemers, one technique was a favorite of the prophet Muhammad and is compelled by the Quran multiple times.

In Saudi Arabia, where beheadings are still being used as capital punishment, a woman and her son hailed a taxicab to take them to the shrine of the prophet Muhammad in Medina. It was only after the driver asked the woman a simple question that the little boy’s gruesome fate was sealed.

According to the Daily Mail6-year-old Zakaria Al-Jaber was dragged out of the taxi and beheaded by the driver with a shard of glass after the cabbie asked the mother if she was a Shia Muslim. The driver, who remains unnamed, reportedly dragged the boy out of the cab to a coffee shop in the Al-Tilal neighborhood before smashing a glass bottle and using the remnants to slit his throat.

The screaming mother attempted to intervene but could not stop the man from murdering her little boy in front of her. A nearby police officer rushed to the scene but was just seconds too late. The driver was arrested on the spot.

The man is said to have asked the mother if she was Shia just moments before the murder, suggesting that he may have been a member of the Sunni sect of Islam. However, it is unknown why the driver set his sights upon the child, although the Saudi officials insist he was suffering from mental health issues.

Al-Jaber’s funeral was by Sheikh Amiri at a mosque in Medina. His tiny coffin was draped with a green Islamic banner and surrounded by male members of the mosque.