There hasn’t exactly been all that many rumblings out of the office of Robert Mueller. It’s not because he took an extended vacation either. It would have more to do with the fact that when it comes down to it he’s hiding so that nobody realizes he’s not needed any more.

Sure, the liberal idea here was to sick him and his pack of dogs on the Trump Administration to find anything that they could on anyone up to and including whether or not they use their left and right turn indicators in their car.

However, the witch hunt only had one casualty of any consequence and that was someone that lied about doing something that was perfectly legal in the first place.

That hasn’t stopped Mueller and his pack of dogs from doing things that would get just about anyone else fired if they were in the same position and investigating anyone else…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been portrayed in almost saintly fashion by the mainstream media in an effort to lend legitimacy to his witch-hunt against President Trump.

But it seems we might need a special commission of inquiry into the past activities of Mueller himself, once this is all over.

Big League Politics reports: Special counsel Robert Mueller is facing new problems as multiple intelligence agency whistleblowers and former underlings accuse him of overseeing and covering up massive off-the-books surveillance activities during his tenure as director of the FBI.

A former FBI special agent accuses Mueller of lying to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding the scope of his surveillance programs.

Another NSA and CIA whistleblower accuses Mueller of overseeing a secretive program that surveilled President Donald Trump while Trump was a private citizen — an accusation that is already being heard in court.

Another whistleblower claims that former FBI agents would testify with documentation that Mueller stifled their investigations into certain terrorist networks.

These accusations could form the basis of a congressional investigation…

So, not only is this a case of the pot calling the kettle “black,” if even some of these charges hold up, the pot could be going to jail.

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