The Queen Diva of RINOs Meghan McCain put herself into a really bad situation making both sides her enemy, and make precisely zero real friends.

Meghan has tweeted an eerie message on her Twitter account with a claim that solidifies her will, ‘RINO.’

After what she posted, she just traded her father’s name to spurn the majority of the Republican party with the flaccid rejoinder that exposes her identity.

Trending Politics have bowed straight the inability of the would-be heiress to a political dynasty of this McCain heir.

“The tweet quickly sparked outrage, with conservatives in the Twitterverse attacking her, her father’s failed attempt at the presidency, her insistence on fracturing the conservative movement at a time where it should have been united over Youngkin’s victory in the Old Dominion, and many other things, often in a hilarious or pointed fashion.”

Not only them, but this tweet has earned a pile of feedback from the internet.

And like said, she is a true RINO.

And yet, this guy speaks for most Americans.

In line with this election dilemma, The Washington Post reported:

“The entire Youngkin campaign was built around ‘America first’ policies so it meant he didn’t have a lot to prove,” said a person familiar with the conversations who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “If you are someone who believes Trump always has to be scorching the earth then you are going to be disappointed. If you are someone who believes that winning is important then you are going to be happy.”

Unlike Democrats, Republicans possibly can find President Trump’s personality or antics distasteful to peacefully coinhabit the party with AmericaFirst Republicans as long as they agree on principles. While these Democrats can’t handle a single critic, immediately make a huge turn-around.


Sources: The GOP Times, The Washington Post, Trending Politics

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