KIRSTERS BAISH| Our country is still in utter disbelief over the unnecessary murder of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident, Justine Damond. Damond called police for help after believing that she was a witness to a sexual assault that took place in her neighborhood. Little did Justine Damond know, that would be the last phone call she would ever make. She was shot dead by a Somali-Muslim police officer who had the gall to turn off his body camera prior to executing the woman.

The mainstream media has been working hard to cover up the story, as it doesn’t jive well with their agenda of allowing mass amounts of Muslims into our country. Now that more and more people are finally seeing Muslims in a negative light it is going to continually get harder for the Left to hide their corruption.

Minneapolis has been called the “Sharia swamp” by many Americans now that Muslims have almost completely taken over the area. The Muslim refugees in the area have set up Sharia zones, turning all-American neighborhoods into what looks like a third world country. The areas being taken over the Muslims have quickly turned into crime infested cesspools. Minneapolis residents located in one of the only remaining white neighborhoods have been directly threatened by the Muslim refugees. You won’t believe what a group of 30 Somali Muslims did during one of their Sharia patrols.

Reports have exposed that a white woman who was simply outside of her home was attacked by a mob of Muslim men. They approached the woman while screaming at her, threatening to rape and kill her. When KSTP TV interviewed the victim, she explained how horrified she was about what happened to her in her very own neighborhood.

The woman told KSTP TV they were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap me and they were going to rape me. It was a very traumatizing experience.

The woman, who will remain anonymous, wasn’t the only person who was a target of the terroristic threats. The mob made their rounds, going from one house to another in the upscale white neighborhood, screaming and yelling horrifying comments at the residents. The men were reported to have been setting off bottle rockets as well.

“A mob of up to 30 young Somali men paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods last week, yelling disparaging comments and threats against homeowners. Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims, and residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time a group of Somali men has made an intimidating march through their neighborhood, which is filled with million-dollar homes. Police were called to the scene on June 28 about 9:30 a.m. and are investigating the incident as a potential case of terroristic threats. No arrests have been made, and the Minneapolis media appear to be largely uninterested in reporting on the mob threats.”

The Liberal media has been doing everything they can to keep these incidents hush hush. With an average of 7,000 Somali Muslims entering the U.S. every year, we are in dire need of change. The majority of these migrants settle in Minneapolis, turning the city into a horrific scene.

The biggest problem with the migration problem is the media’s complete lack of coverage on the matter. Mayor Betsy Hodges actually encourages the Muslims to keep flooding her city. She even set up a hotline used by Muslims to report anyone who “harassed” them or even spoke badly about Islam. This is just sickening. During a recent interview, Hodges explained that she had no apologies for her actions, basically admitting that her hotline was set up in an effort to target Trump supporters as well as President Trump himself.

“I will not compromise the public safety of the people of Minneapolis to satisfy Trump’s desire to put politics before public safety,” Mayor Hodges was quoted saying. “Minneapolis is being built and strengthened by people from all over the world and I am grateful for their commitment to our city. I stand with them today and will continue to take that stand as the President-elect prepares to take office.”

The true patriots are left wondering how many more American lives must be taken before the Left starts to realize that their charades cannot go on any longer. Something must be done about the floods of Muslims entering our country soon, or America will be completely taken over by Islam.

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  1. Dennis

    The mayor of Minneapolis needs to be hung along with the rest of the muslim scum.

  2. L.Courts

    This was obama’s agenda from the start. Bring 100’s of thousands of muslim males into our country to reek havic then declare Marshall law and remain as leader of this country bringing more destruction. But he forgets one very important thing. We ARE a Christian nation, our God will not allow his people (believers) to perish.


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