Liberals believe they are born entitled to receive all the good things life has to offer at the expense of other people.

They want their cake for little or next to nothing, and they want to eat it too, sprinkled liberally with free jimmies on top.

For years, liberals living high on the hog and low on the wage scale lobbied for a $15 minimum wage. Fairness and all that.

When they got what they wanted, they got the exact opposite.

Case in point: Walmart just closed one of its Los Angeles stores over the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance.

Is anybody surprised?

The residents who lobbied and pleaded for the 33,000-square-foot store in Chinatown certainly are. They weren’t expecting one of the nation’s big-box retailers would just pack up and leave over something as socially conscious as a $15 minimum wage.

Break out the calculator: for each and every unskilled full-time Walmart employee, that’s $31,200 a year — plus benefits.

Liberals argued, “Try making a living on minimum wage.” Employers argued back, “Try making a profit paying $15 an hour to an unskilled laborer.”


Many people who have gone to college and have advanced degrees don’t earn $15 an hour.

No wonder Walmart said no way.

And it’s not just Walmart that’s rebelling against unreasonable liberal demands. Many restaurants say the $15 minimum wage has eaten away at as much as 50 percent of their operating costs.

A $15 minimum wage is a job killer — and a good reason to relocate, automate or jack up your prices.

At UC Berkeley, officials recently announced 500 workers would be laid off over the next two years after California voted to increase the state minimum wage, first by 50 percent, then to $15 by 2022.

In Seattle, where self-righteous liberals won their placard-littered struggle for a $15 minimum wage, many were surprised to learn that some people needed to cut back on their hours at work.

Otherwise, they’d lose some of their welfare benefits.

You see, for liberals, it’s really not about making a living wage. It’s about making a damned good living any way you can and with as little effort as possible.

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Source: Truthfeed

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