If this doesn’t tell you how much the Obama’s cared about the U.S., I don’t know what will. Looks like the entire presidency was a way to get taxpayers to pay for their lavish trips, golf games and mansions. What a disgrace. These 8 yrs were hard but at least we can say it’s all coming to an end.

VIA| Less than a month after Vogue ran a cover story featuring First Lady Michelle ObamaPeople has done the same thing, publishing a joint interview with the First Lady and her husband President Barack Obama. In the interview, Michelle Obama, a Hillary Clinton supporter, revealed that she didn’t stay up to see Donald Trump win the election. Instead, she said, “I went to bed.” In another part of the interview, President Barack Obama added that, despite the widespread issues following the Trump election, the recent election and its aftermath “doesn’t negate all the progress that’s been made” over the last eight years.


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  1. Orville Nuttbeam

    I dont ever remember electing the “Ape in Heels” She should learn to keep his big fat yap shut!:


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