There are a ton of people going to the Inauguration.. some in support of the President-elect Donald Trump, and many will be attending to protest him as well.

There have been numerous threats of violence and riots and they just keep getting more abundant by the second. However, looks likes libs are a little more hesitant to start chaos after seeing this group is set to be the largest at the event. You won’t believe this! Check it out!

VIA| Inauguration Day is going to be very large, and a day that nobody can forget. Both pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups are finalizing plans to come to Washington D.C. to either partake in the festivities or protest them. The women’s march is set for January 21st.

Estimates for the march are approximately around 200,000. Organizers are bragging about the fact they believe the number of protesters will far outnumber the people attending the Donald Trump inauguration.

However, Bikers For Trump might actually foil their plans. Chris Cox who is the founder of the bike group looking to go and support the President-Elect had to get into a nasty and long drawn out fight with the National Park Service in order to get the permits they needed. The argument for heated because the service had already given the allotted number of public space permits to anti-Trump groups.

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  1. george ramirez

    a bunch of thugs trump loves all these guys they all voted for this asshole

    • Rich

      Ramirez, you’re such an asshole. Most of these thugs are professional men… doctors, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, etc. and all true patriots, unlike dumbshit, crybaby, loser libs like you who are upset because you’re going to be losing your entitlements and might have to actually work for a living. My heart bleeds for you.

      • Tim Velarde

        Entitlements like Social Security VA DISABILITY MEDICARE

      • kek

        i thought liberals preached that being fat is not a disability

      • Brenda Hook

        Tim Velarde Social Security and VA
        Disability Medicare are not Entitlements they are earned by most of the people getting checks. Of course they do give Social Security to drugies and people from other countries

      • Steve

        Those are not entitlements. We paid into them and earned them.

      • Max Clements

        You are such a dumb ass. Social Security is an INSURANCE POLICY paid for by the workers who were supposed to benefit from it. The GOVERNMENT took it out of OUR paychecks (OUR MONEY) , not Government funds against out wishes. Now the Government hands it out like candy to people who are here illegally and who are NOT entitled (yes, to them it is an entitlement). So, until you actually know the truth, why don’t you stick your head back up you ass and take a deep breath?

      • Max Clements

        Against OUR wishes. I get so mad because liberal snowflakes like Tim Velarde run their mouth and don’t know anything about anything, they just like to be heard.

      • Julie Clauss

        I worked hard for 35 years paying into my Social Security and Medicare. How dare you say they are entitlements! You are pathetic and delusional to think Trump is a legitimate president. I’ll bet someone related to you is collecting government assistance!

      • Paula

        Oh and Obummer is legitimate!!! Your delusional to think Obummer is legitimate. He is gay, married to a tranny, a devout muslim, not born in the USA and has introduced treasonous executive orders that fan the flames of racism and division like nothing preceding. One day we will all wake up and realize that the Obummers were the greatest FRAUD and HOAX ever perpetrated on the American people!! They are shameful….

      • Susan

        You are so full of sh*t it’s laughable! Show me ONE doctor in that group. Just one! And I suppose you consider yourself one of these “professionals”? LMAO! Professional what???? I can’t wait to see all you Trump supporters after he’s sworn in and doesn’t do a damn thing to support you. You realize he was a Democrat before running as a Republican, don’t you? You and your ilk are in for a great big surprise. He used you to get elected, but he won’t be supporting your agenda once he’s sworn in.

      • Steve

        Typiclal liberal judging people solely for how they look. You should follow the wisdom of MLK, it’s not how you look, it’s your character, and Susan, I can tell yours is sleazy.

      • Max Clements

        OH, and you would rather have had Hillary as President. YOU would be the one who would have a rude awakening. She sold the American People out and she had you convinced she was the only game in town. Had she been elected, this country would be worth less than your life right now. The UN would be patrolling the streets and because you are a woman, you would be nothing because the UN aligns itself with the RADICAL MUSLIMS. Think about that before you get on your soapbox the next time. Oh, and for God’s sake, do some reading outside the snowflake community and the news media.

      • Susan

        Don’t you know that drinking too much of that Kool-Aid will rot your brain?

      • Outlaw

        Well miss thang. I’m a professional and a biker. As is my lawyer and my doctor that both ride with me. As is my mms fighter friends. And my combat vet friends. We will be there to back the first president in my lifetime that I think will actually make a difference

      • Susan

        Until this election cycle I have always been a Republican. That’s right, a card-carrying member of the RNC. I hope my enlightening post about Trump being a Democrat up until deciding to run for POTUS as a Republican haunts you in your dreams of victory tonight. Trump is not going to do a thing for you, personally, and that’s what I find so ignorant in all of you. You just don’t GET it, do you? BTW, how much money do YOU give to the RNC each year? You’re so transparent it’s not even fun poking you with a stick. Would love to hear just how I am so sleazy. You do enjoy running your dirty mouth, don’t you?

      • Crystal

        Thank you Outlaw – I know many bikers who are professional as well. Susan the only person running their dirty mouth is you. Ignorance is no excuse and, just because these bikers may foil your unrealistic agenda for declaring Trump is not your president and other falerol, is no reason to slam a group of people (bikers) who would not be even going to DC if it was not for whiney, tempertantrum throwing malcontents. Buck up and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

      • JWalker

        BRAINWASHED: Thinking there is a difference between Republican & Democrat..FACT
        they are two cheeks on the SAME ass…
        UNTIL TRUMP!
        He PAID for his own campaign.. THEY don’t own him!
        He LOVES the USA ..unlike the heathens that have been raping her for decades
        He CARES about the people..actually walked among them during rallies..unlike the others
        He NEVER SOLD the countries secrets to the enemy
        He NEVER SOLD USA’s RESOURCES to Russia
        He NEVER STOLE relief money from Haiti or trafficked their children
        He has been TRANSPARENT unlike the CLINTONS, OBAMA’S, PODESTA & DNC
        He never had ‘ILLEGALS’ voting or rigged the voting machines like SOROS has for YEARS
        He never OPENED THE BORDERS to complete a One World Evil Satanic Order
        He never FLOODED the USA with undocumented illegals to make Americans a MINORITY
        He never VOWED to make Americans CONVERT to ISLAM
        and on…and on.. and on..

        Yes.. TRUMP will change America and make her stand UP AGAIN..

      • Lewis

        Ronald Reagan was also a Democrat before he ran as a Republican and he turned out to be the best president of my lifetime. I have hope for Donald Trump but am waiting to see what happens. I’m at least willing to give him a chance which is more than your crybaby butt is willing to do. And no matter what he does, he won’t be as bad as Hillary Clinton would have been.

      • Spike

        Yes.. there are doctors and lawyers. And like me, an IT manager, I ride with many of these guys. I put around 10000 miles on my bike every year. Rides include: Toys for Tots, VA support, medical support for close members. And Yes, ignoramus.. Many of my brothers and sisters on two wheels are professionals.. Now, take your whiny, ignorant ass back to your safe room and leave all this to the grownups..

      • Roni

        Susan you are an ignorant bit$@! I promise you there is more than one doctor in that group of motorcyclist! A few lawyers and many other professionals! You should check with them! Possibly one of them is a proctologist, and can assist you in retrieving your head from your ass! Trump will accomplish more in his first year than Obama did in his entire 8! He spent enough tax payer money on vacations to pay for an entire small community to live very comfortable lives! He’s the most expensive joke America has ever told! Get a grip! Just don’t let your neighbors see, and it may make you go blind!

      • George

        Roni, I think even a Professional Proctologist would declare that removing Susan’s head from her ass is an impossible medical procedure. After all, she admits she left the Republican party to join the snowflake party of her own accord.

      • Theresa

        Susan, I guess when things get straight, you will not want any of the benefits. After all, If you do accept or use them that would make you what? a hypocrite? Hush up. Sore losers always have to run their mouths. And by the way, how about doing a little investigating before you open your trap and follow the rest of the cry babies.

      • Missionary James

        Hey Susan? Trump has not yet been elected and he has saved over 200,000-Jobs and has brought Mexican President to the table, to discuss the BUILDING of that wall… It’s January 20th Snowflakes and the EAGLE has landed…

      • Ria Garland

        Well then, if that’s true, you should love him! You should be praising him, since you say he’s really a Democrat!! Right?? Lol.

      • Madge Bisbee

        If they are so intelligent, why are they doing this???? Everyone has a right to peacefully state their opinion (or did I miss when Trump repealed the 1st amendment) Just FYI…there is no bigger crybaby or whiner than Trump!!!!! And as for my “entitlements”….I worked hard all my life and PAID INtO SOCIAL SECURITY and now you want to take that away from me……it’s not the governments money……IT’S MINE!!!!!
        You Trumpers are such POOR winners!!!!

      • Bigs

        Madge, Madge, Madge, no one is talking about taking what you’ve earned. Fear mongering and questioning peoples intelligence with whom you disagree is not so becoming, now is it, Fuckface!

      • Spike

        If the libs are so intelligent. why are they doing this on inauguration day? hoping the whining will make a difference? nah..

      • Ella DeLaney

        Spike….FYI…Speaking of intelligence, which I am more than sure you possess. -The Woman’s March is THE DAY AFTER the Inauguration. By the way, “FYI” means “For Your Information.” I didn’t want there to be any more miscommunication regarding the “specifics here.”

      • Electra Delano

        Well put! Trump supporters are poor winners! I LOVE THIS! Women ARE coming together, and I shall stand proudly on WOMAN’S MARCH….A wall of meat!? That is the perception of most bikers, in regards to women….meat, and objects…Just as Trump feels. I am disgusted that “rape culture” is now going to become “OK” again in this country. The boys, young men and grown men that are watching the current MOST POWERFUL MAN IN AMERICA be a lying, manipulative, abusive, ignorant human being. Crime rates are going to soar, and I will fight my last breath to ensure sexual-assault policies will be changing. Our daughters are going to need it in the future. TRUMP SUPORTERS HAVE DAUGHTERS AND WIVES. Yuck! I grew up in a home like that. Woman being “seen and not heard” is , well….not really fulfilling. Trump boys become men….”Pu#$y grabbing” men and much worse. He just got his charges of the rape of a 13 year old dropped. My daughter in 13. Those charges were pending during the race. Ignorance would be one reason….but I realize that even with those facts, blaming HER, by stating “she lied..” A man that didn’t do it, would state that he would never even consider a young woman, as he has an ethical and moral standard….Blaming the victim child is one of the most common predator excuses to be heard yet…..
        Rant over….

        Madge, you rock! Together we stand!

      • George

        But you would have no issue with Bill “The Molester” Clinton’s conduct? You would rather a weak woman that stayed with a serial adulterer & molester be in charge of the country? Strange how all the women that have accused Trump of molesting them are no longer in the news now that it’s known they were being paid by Clinton’s campaign to tell their stories, isn’t it? FYI, Trump didn’t get the rape charges by the 13 year old dropped, the supposed victim dropped the charges herself. Kind of says something there, too, doesn’t it? Try doing a little critical thinking for yourself, instead of relying on mainstream leftist media to do your thinking for you once in a while.

      • Missionary James

        Madge? YOUR WHOLE COMMENT WAS ONE YUGE WHINE!!! Anyway, everyone does have a Right to PEACEFULLY PROTEST, but WE DO NOT have a Right to VIOLENTLY PROTEST or to DISRUPT EVENTS… Since such peaceful protests are not the history of Liberals, BLM and other Socialist Useful Idiot Groups of the Marxist kind within the Democrat Party. Hence, the Bikers will stand guard to make sure NON-PEACEFUL PROTESTS OCCUR.

        As to your SS that you paid into? Relax. Nothing is going to happen with that. Such SS will be increased by at least 10% before his 1st-term expires! And how much did your SS increase under Obama? By $1 this year? You Liberal idiots said the same thing about TAKING MY SS AWAY, when Bush becomes President, but Bush doled out WAAAAY MORE SS INCREASES than Obummer has! Please get a clue and buy a vowel from King Jesus!

      • david shelly

        bring it motherfuckers! I pay more in taxes than a hundred of you fucking trailer trash jerk offs. I will be in DC bring you fucking cowards!!

      • Wayno

        Tuck in your ignorance its falling out of everywhere !!!!! Watch your plane as you bash the pilot (President Elect) You might wanna hope it doesn’t crash because our whole country depends on it !!! He fails we all fail !!!

      • Norb Janas

        So I’m trailer trash if I liver in a nice community near Pittsburgh and attend Robert Morris Unibersity. So tell me how I’m trash when I have hundreds of Swimming medal and Trophies from the swim career in Middle and High School tell me how I’m trash when I’m a Lifeguard at a local pool? You fucking Snowflake. Oh and will be traveling from Pittsburgh with RMU College Republican’s just to see Trump.

      • Cranston snord

        You merely display your ignorance, Susie, and it is not at all pretty!!. You damned leftards are so ridiculously stupid and hateful that we can only laugh when confronted by you.

      • Rich is an Idiot

        I work very hard for a living, have never accepted a government “handout”, and when Obama won, I wasn’t happy about that either. Trump is still a witless retard along with every dumbshit asshole who voted for him simply because he’s the only candidate EVER who has a 3rd grade mentality Conservatives can actually follow.

        Many of those doctors, lawyer, bankers, and entrepreneurs you speak of happily supplement their income by transporting meth in their crankshafts. Even the few drug free people who call themselves hardened bikers still spend their free time in the company of meth dealers and don’t bat an eye.

        Dumbshit, crybaby, loser Conservatives like yourself are only demanding that everyone respect the loser you picked because you’re so insecure in your own choice that you need the smart people to make it for you.

        I’m sorry, but Trump is not going to teach you how to be a millionaire. Even if he did, you would still need a daddy who’s happy to loan you a million dollars, financially back your loans, bail you out when you can’t pay them back, and inevitably leave you a fortune so vast that you keep it a secret from everyone, mainly so you can still pretend that you created your company with nothing more than hard work and gupto. My heart does not bleed for you, you’ll die a slave just like the rest of us.

      • Norb Janas

        How are we Conservatives crybabies when we are happy with the election. It’s you Liberals who are crybabies.

      • George

        That so-called loser is going to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America on Friday. The real loser is the foolish, evil woman that THOUGHT she was going to be queen. Too bad she was dethroned before the coronation BWAHAHAHA.

      • Boris Portnoy

        I will pay ticket to any of you American Democrats, to live with me in Russia in URAL. Than you will finally got it what you stand for. And I know I lived through to Komunists.

      • Missionary James

        You will be singing a totally different tune by this time next year and/or you will have gone into hiding, because of this comment above! Your gonna eat those words!

      • Jon Carey

        damn right,,, you tell him rich,,,, liberals are what is ruining our country

      • David Jaskowak

        Yeah Ramirez are you even here legally?
        Pack your shit!

      • kelly thompson

        Ha! and “Jaskowak” is that a Polish name? Certainly not a name that originated in America. Pack your shit Hypocrite. Haa, racist, sexist brain dead fascists calling liberals sore losers. The only thing sore will be your ignorant conservative asses when Trump fucks you up it.

      • Carol

        Rich, I don’t know, of course, how old you are, but when you put “you libs” and entitlements, together, in the same sentence,you, my friend, will have a fight on your hands. I haven’t worked for over 50 yrs, paying into social security, and have someone like you call this an entitlement! You are crazy. I call this my livelihood since being retired! Check your facts, or are you just DT and let anything spew out of your mouth!

      • Joann

        Amen Rich. We just need to pray for the others with as much hate in there hearts as George has. Sad….the democrats and livberals bitch about hate and violence that us conservatives bring on, but look who’s hatin on who.

    • Frank

      Boy i sure wish we could attend! But we will be watching! Praying for a peaceful transition of power! Please give thought to the fact that most of us bikers are not thugs or bad people, we are just humans that love to ride and enjoy our beautiful country! Many are Business Professionals, Police Officers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, and every other type of profession. Also, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, and Brothers! Bikers are not just thugs, but we can be tough when its called for! We have thugs in all walks of life! God Bless the USA!

      • Allison

        God bless you!!! So appreciate you and all the rest that are giving up time, resources so unselfishly for your country!! You are a true patriot and I admire, respect and praise you for your willingness to do what others of us only wish we could!! Prayers for safe travels, good weather and a peaceful inauguration that only God and his “helpers” can provide. Thank you to THIS helper!! ??

      • Dennis

        I think you bikers are the best. We all need people like you who won’t let these prissy liberals belly ache about their bitch losing the election. She’s criminal anyway. We didn’t cause all this trouble when we had to live 8 ugly years with Osama Obama .

      • Bigs

        Why is Soros paying commie/anarchist to disrupt a national tradition? Please do tell!

      • Jo

        Amen for such an assertive but polite and peaceful post. Many people posting on here old learn a thing or two from you

      • Jo

        Frank, Amen for such an assertive but polite and peaceful post and also for those who posted the same vain. Many people posting on here could learn a thing or two from you

    • tee benny

      ramirez what is it that u hate about Trump are u afraid he will make America Great Again. Think of it this way it
      can’t be worse than it has been. We needed a change Trump is not taking chit from anyone he uses diplomacy and gives as good as he gets ole rep john lewis thought he could just call trump out he should have been ready for the return. like a coward in the school yard he gets all his people to protect him and rally All this ignorance will guarantee Trump 8 years carry on

      • Manuel

        Who and when was America Great, when children had the opportunity to see Public Executions or when the Government slaughtered 500 Million of my people after they stole our land, and almost destroyed our Nations First Peoples. You people are Sick, it’s embedded in your DNA, Hybrid Demons…!!!

      • james

        you people get a check every month for setting on your ass while we work and pay taxes. do you pay any no.

      • PK

        I;m Cherokee Indian, And look toward the future for I can not change the past. I’m wanting a better country and future for my children and grandchildren.

      • Cat B

        Since when is “Being Great” supposed to mean “good”? Alexander the Great & Ramses the Great – were not “good” guys, they were Strong & Mighty. The USA was a Strong & Mighty Nation. We were Militarily strong & Economically strong. Being “Great” has nothing to do with being “Good”.

      • Kenneth Kurtz

        So you would rather be a great ass hole, than a good person? Speaks volumes. You should always strive to be great, while doing good and the right thing.

      • John

        Nobody killed 500 thousand anyone,,this was a wilderness and God formed a new country dedicated to him, no kings and free Dom to worship him and nor a king,our very founding document said our rights came from him, not a king,,,very revolutionary, Indian paganism caused the lord to prosper European settlers,,,don’t like it??? Leave

      • Claudia

        Are you kidding me??????? Do you live in this century????? Shame on you!!!!!!!!!

      • Claudia

        Are you for real????? What century do you live in??? That is one of the most ignorant, narrow and bigoted responses on this page!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!!!

      • Kenneth Kurtz

        And Hitler did not try to exterminate the Jewish race, he was trying to create a more perfect society to live in under God. My God does not OK the eradication of others to promote his religion, he teaches us to love and respect one another. You are just a special kind of stupid….sorry, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, chances are it’s a duck. Some of the greatest atrocities in the history of the world have been made in the name of religion, their excuse to allow them to rape, pillage and plunder others.

        Our native people were much more civilized and better custodians of our planet than the European deplorable s that came here. It was a very Godly thing to do, giving the native Americans small pox laden blankets to more quickly kill them off. Pretend to be their friends and then stab them in the back while your stealing their lands and homes.

      • Kim

        For one you need to remember the nation’s first people were killed off before a government was established. So quit blaming unless you can prove your parents were killed by the current government. Quit with the killing my people crap, quit blaming and try being peaceful, respect the fact the humans around you did not harm you and move on!

    • Erik jorgensen

      George Ramirez…
      The generic statement that was conceived between your ears and was blasted out of that hole under your nose..pretty much summed up your short sighted views… thugs? Really, this Trump supported supported and defended the constitution for 30 years… I fought in three wars, I retired from the military and am now working overseas at the US embassy with the security forces… I ride as well, and would gladly be there supporting the pro-Trump group as well. Where did your logical statement come from? Wow!?

      • steve

        if you can’t spell you’re, not ‘your’, don’t write. Your opinion is lessened by your lack of simple grammar.

    • Neil maltisanti

      Its a smart move…even out the score of ignorant protesters so they dont act up…since that pussy Obama allowed it to happened instead of putting rioters in check…wouldve interfered with all his golfing. Bikers arent there to cause problem, simply to contain the angry “snowflakes” from acting up.

    • J V Comandor


      1. Social Security is deducted from a person’s pay before they get their check, then, when a person retires or becomes disabled, their Social Security benefits, WHICH THEY PAID FOR WHILE THEY WERE WORKING, are based on what their work income was.

      2. VA DISABILITY is awarded ONLY TO VETERANS who suffer from disabilities resulting from something they did or were exposed to in the service. The process to be awarded a Veteran’s Disability is often difficult and can take years, and many veterans are not awarded disability in the end because there is insufficient documentation or proof of what they claim. I know, I am a Disabled Veteran who did all the paperwork and myself over two years.

      3. Medicare is also a paid-for-in-advance benefit. If you worked, didn’t you notice the deductions for this and that on your pay stubs?


    • Bigs

      Yep, Soros paid anarchist/commie scum thugs are going to have their hands full with these true patriots bikers!!
      Fucking crybaby libtards need to grow the fuck up! Let the adults handle it from here after the last 8 years of fuckery!

      • Madge Bisbee


      • Bigs

        OK then miss ALL CAPS. I when to college and have a firm grip on the English language. I just love to piss off small minded asshole libtards like yourself!
        He is precious isn’t he, he’s done more good for America before he’s taken office than the douche golfer has done in 8 years.

      • Bigs

        “Went” not “when” to college (sorry I was typing fast fuckface)

      • Susan

        You didn’t say all that just to piss off small-minded libtards. You’re too ignorant to write a cohesive paragraph. Even after being called out on your grammar skills you continue to make errors. And anyone who has to fill in a sentence with dirty words doesn’t know how to to make an intelligent statement of any sort.

      • Cranston snord


    • Bud

      Cant stand being out numbered punk ? The POTUS is Trump, dont like it ? you are free to leave the country. Or you can hang around and whine like hollywood celebrities which is more likely. But you little gnat asses will not be stopping anything.


      Looks like you got the definition of a thug mixed up with those who make threats. This is not a threat. The only mistake would be if one of them accidently ran over someone’s toes and got off to apologize . . . then the threats would become a demonstration of who the real thugs are. Calling the man soon to be the President of the U.S. an (sorry but I don’t use language like that) is something I did have to apologize for thinking too many times in the last 12 years! Finally, I just told people . . . I recognized the man as our President but never as a true American partriot or any of the things he claimed so loudly and repeatedly to be. And in spite of my understanding of what he was and is, I never stopped praying for him and his family and for the dupes who voted for him. NotBornYesterday and it gives me more intuition that most voters had knowledge – I had a lot of knowledge beforehand and predicted the guy and his actions and the damage he would do. But he had lots of help. Hoping Mr. Trump will listen to multiple counselors and most of all be on His knees the way our founders were and they way God blessed all who acknowledged His principles and Word . . . and God WILL then bless America.

    • Sonja

      How dare you call these guys Thugs, thugs are the ones going out breaking windows burning down buildings and towns those are the thugs, majority of bikers are hard working professionals.
      I been to Sturgis for bikers week numerous times, hundreds of thousands of bikes (over 800,000) and that’s just bikes and many have 2 riders never once have I witnessed violence or thug activity.
      Get your liberal head out of your ass, better yet walk into a biker bar and yell that they are all thugs, let me know how that works out for you probably not so well.

      • Susan

        No, Sonja, you’re right. In Sturgis everybody is having a good time doing drugs and drinking. It’s all one big friendly party.

    • Jacki Budd

      I guess they heard there were a lot of free tickets lol My brother-in-law was a biker when he was alive , He would never stand by Trump. You stand by Trump you are just like him and that is shameful,

    • Inga

      The HEROES of our country – PATRIOTS who support and protect our Constitution and our democracy. Not for MORONS like you, George – stick to your crowd of disgusting haters. You are nothing! A piece of dirt.

    • Donna Silva

      Grow up you loser! When was the last time you fought in a war for this country? Or are you still hiding behind mommy’s apron for protection!

    • tagmouse

      Gee, I wonder why we need 200,00 bikers rolling into DC for the inauguration Could it be because there are thousands and thousands of morally bankrupt scumbags rolling into DC embarrassing our country by acting like moronic crybabies who need a poopy diaper change?

    • Alvie N Leeper

      Who exactly elevated YOU to the position of IMPORTANCE to denounce the character and mental ability of the people known as BIKERS???? Are you a super Master Mind or have super intelligence Your language and structure of your post does not imply advance education. Also you align yourself with the unruly mob of LIARS and Deniers of rights to people exercising their rights under the Constitution. I think you could use a good grounding in the FACTS surrounding President TRUMP and not rely on DEMOs Dogma.

    • Jan Macusweil

      Thugs would be a harsh word to use to describe these people in support of their President-elect. These are people from all walks of life, I should know, I ride as well and have worked in the Funeral Industry for most of my adult life. I have never been referred to as a thug by my peers. Maybe you have been watching to much television or movies that glorify a small percentage of individuals who give bikers a bad name. Think about it. Thanks for reading.

  2. Lutie

    Probably more brain power in that group then you’ll ever see Mr. Ramirez! And the corrupt lying A—hole lost!

    • Manuel

      Racist…!!! You whites are going to get what you have coming…!!! People are Learning the TRUTH about the WHITES AND THEIR GENOCIDAL ANCESTORS…your people have commited more crimes against humanity than any other race. We know who the True demons are, the ones who follow their Luciferian masters.

      • Kevin

        Manuel please explain to me how your tribe, or any of the tribes got the lands they claimed as their own? To quote a movie line about the taking the land by force, “what happened was enevitable how it happened was unconscionable”! However your tribe did the same to the tribes/groups previously.

      • Hacksaw

        Piss on you. Most whites have some indian blood,as does most indians have
        White blood. If your life is not what you think it should be,concentrate on yourself
        instead of blaming someone else. Im Irish Indian, 2 stepsisters and step brother,full Seminole.He was Seminole Chief Oklahoma.The 2 girls both Bank VP’s in Arkansas,and Georgia.Life can be good if you work at it.

      • David

        Your people attacked white settlers everywhere and scalped them…. and you say whites are genocidal savages. If your people had the numbers or technology whites would have been driven out. Point is, humans cough humans…. but that was hundreds of years ago so it is a bit irrelevant today

      • wendy white

        What’s the matter sounds like your the racist to me. When you don’t get your own way everyone else is a Racist. Well buddy looks like you’ll have to get a job now!!

  3. john

    geoge fuck you trump is president if you an them cocksuckers dont like it fuckin move

    • Manuel

      Dude your a dick, white Privledge is dead…!!!
      Get ready for Civil War (Race War)…!!!

      • J.W.

        Dude no one wants a race war. Except maybe you it seems. White priveledge has been dead for a long long time. What do you think would happen if a college opened up and declared it was for white students only? However there have been plenty of schools for black students only for quite some time. Anyone who actually wants a race war is an idiot. Ill say this though, white people have done some terrible things throughout history. Dont push us, and be cateful what you ask for, because as we all know history often has a way of repeating itself when people dont learn from mistakes

      • wendy white

        Honey it’s been dead Guess you didn’t get in line fast enough

      • Cranston snord


    • Aaron

      “geoge fuck you trump is president if you an them cocksuckers dont like it fuckin move”

      Geoge, fuck you Trump!…
      Not surprise this was written by Trump supporter. Please use proper punctuation marks to structure and organise your writing.

      • tagmouse

        You want to check the dictionary to see how to spell organize. If you really feel a need to correct others in a post, be sure yours is also correct Aaron.

  4. Larry

    I hope they get to beat a bunch of these butt hurt liberals people are getting tired of their whining they need to wake up the Queen lost… Maybe she will do better in prison…

    • Donnie

      Larry did you have to take the dick out of your mouth to type that? Or was it you ass or both. Fucking dick head trumpers…

    • Donnie

      Larry, did you have to take the dick out of your mouth to type that? Or was it you ass or both. Fucking dick head trumpers…

    • Susan

      You’re an idiot. Hillary Clinton is not going to go to prison. Man, you jerks really think Trump is actually going to do all those things you voted for him for? Not a chance. He’s back-peddling on nearly everything you voted for. Get a clue!

    • EJ

      Larry, and every other brain dead tRump chump are about to be fucked and fucked hard, without lube! I hope a maggot like yourself ends up sick, without healthcare. You and the rest of you buttplugs will get what you deserve!

      • Cranston snord

        You God damned lefTURDS eat shit and die, you useless cocksucking motherfuckers. You dirty shit stains on the underwear of America you all can fucking die God Damn you.

      • nor

        And Liberals wonder why they lost well the should listen to what they say and do then maybe they will have a chance next time. We trump supporters would have accepted the election if Hillary won. Yeah we would have been mad but we would be crying bout it for months like you Liberal Hypocrites are. Your just sad you will actually have to get a job now

  5. firecomet

    wars and conflicts profit well for CORPORATE Amireka, and Humanity is not amused.

  6. Carol Myer

    I LOVE the bikers who I have seen many times in large groups! You are a class act and full of many veterans, professionals, ministers,etc. It is not cheap to ride a motorcycle! My God’s blessing go with you to the Trump transition and thank you for protecting and spending your own money to do this! Many people can protest but they are uneducated about exactly what they are protesting!

  7. Sheri L Cowan

    Ramirez and Velarde, you whinebags, and Social Security and VA disability are not the same as welfare recipients. They earned what they get. Lazy ass people who refuse to work and want to live off us taxpayers money is so called entitlement, which you don’t deserve. That is one reason you don’t like Trump, you might have to get off that ass and work for a change otherwise no more handout.

  8. Joyce Wells

    My opinion, to which I’m entitled. The able bodied people who are on welfare, should be given a broom, a sack, a small military style shovel and one mile of road for one week a month, to earn their paycheck. They sweep the sides of the road, pick up trash, and bury dead animals. or they can find their own job, but they cannot lay around, spread their legs and make more babies, that others have to pay for.

    • Susan

      Just how do you think Trump is going to accomplish this? He has bigger fish to fry. And just how do you determine who is able-bodied and on welfare? I don’t know anybody on welfare who is not truly disabled, but then I’ve never been on welfare myself and don’t hang out with those who are. I worked all my life, was married to a professional (a Republican, thank you) and am now retired and he’s deceased. You’re thinking small when you should be thinking large…or should I say “huuuuge”? You folks posting here are mostly idiots hoping to incite some riots. Have fun, enjoy your ride, but you’re going to be swallowing your words when Trump turns his back on all of you.

    • Dale Cordell

      I’ve been saying that for a great many years. I don’t have a problem with a purposeful welfare, that helps you get back on your feet and OFF welfare. But, welfare has been horribly corrupted by useless, paid for, politicians. We need more folks like you, to get that same message across to our congress people and maybe then we can get things right. Work for what you get. Nothing wrong with that, at all.

  9. B. Quintana

    We paid into SS and now that we can actually receive it, everyone is calling it “entitlement”. I did my time actually WORKING for a living and I now want my money back. I might mention SS has not been given a raise in the last 5 years, even thought the cost of living has risen HOW MUCH. Our military did their time and they DESERVE benefits. They are the reason you are free to make your stupid comments without getting arrested. We don’t know how Trump will do, but we know what the democrats did to our country and we are ready to change that. Give the guy a chance. Also, we may be the ancestors of the awful people who were so terrible to our native people, but WE ARE NOT THEM.

  10. Scott Z.

    Trump’s Brown Shirts looking to take over from law enforcement and provoke a conflict with legally permitted protestors?

    • Susan

      Watch these sissy bikers run for cover when the heavy rainstorms hit which are forecast for Friday in D.C. Let’s hope they had enough sense to trailer them (like true sissy bikers) because they won’t like riding in the pouring cold rain. It’s going to take all the fun out of it for them. And that many bikes riding around in that weather? I foresee many accidents happening. All kinds of accidents. And I’ll be sitting here where it’s nice and warm, lmao at the bunch of you idiots.

      • Jan Maccusweil

        Did you not know that motorcycles have better traction in the rain than a car, yes it is true. Motorcycle tires have tread further up the sides than a cars. Also, statistically people in cars are the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. Thanks for reading.

  11. RavenWolf

    Every asshole who buys into this shit should leave America. Liberals, conservatives, republican, democrat. black and white, How does division equate to the United States. Together we are strong and powerful people. Our only real battle is with the corporations we have created that are out of control. We need a new government that actually represents the people. And the people need to quit fighting among themselves and focus on the real problems. A transparent government, accountability, and liberty and freedom for all. Remember that? The constitution? The pledge? We are all slaves to something that isn’t human . Everyone knows the truth. Our fathers and grandfathers died in many wars for the ideas of Freedom. Will we let this system separate us so much that we are easily controlled. Beware hitler is alive today. His ss is protecting the rich and killing the poor. He is creating separation so We the People can be herded like sheep to slaughter.

    • Pentence

      This is the first post i have read that made complete sense and wasnt biased or prejudice. Thank you for being reasonable and trying to refocus us on the REAL threats. The big corporations and their minions want us to be MORE divided to make us easy marks . We sadly are falling right into their traps lately.

  12. M

    The people who think that Social Security is an entitlement have never had a paycheck stub to see where it is taken out of your paycheck every pay period.
    Have never served in the Military for VA Benefits.
    It’s time to drain that swamp too.
    Can’t find a job? Draft them into the Military and retrain their values and work ethic.

  13. denise ward

    The elite must be having a field day laughing at “the unwashed masses” fighting amongst each other over their script of having an anti-Christ (Trump) and a savior (Obama). The themes are so obviously pat, it’s a script that keeps on giving. “The Peeple” just so want someone to obey it’s amazingly predictable. And how better for the elite to chip at our numbers by throwing in a spanner to divide. There are many spanners thrown in – political leaning/nationalities/religions/skin tone/profession, oh so many. One has to hand it to them for chutzpah. Watching all this is like watching children rehearsing their first play.

    • tagmouse

      If you really believe Trump is the anti-Christ and Obama is the savior, you are extremely delusional. Either that or you have been living in an alternate world. Where have you been the last eight years when Obama has decimated our country?

      • Pentence

        I do not think that was his point. The point is its a narrative period. they do not care who you think is right or wrong only that you do not see what is really going on. The country is being over run by corporations who control the vast majority of congress. They want you to focus on the president whomever it is one way or another instead of looking for the threat our own congressmen present to us due to being corporate minions.

        They also want you to blame each other for what is happening. That way you wont look in their direction. The moment we as a nation come together and see the issues for what they are the sooner those pricks who make money off your blood sweat and tears will shit bricks.

  14. sjones

    Thugs, outlaws, red-necks, bigots, white supremacists, druggies, alcoholics. Idiots who haven’t taken 10 minutes to get informed about the real issues. How is your family going to pay for health care when the affordable care act is abolished? Think beyond your anger and group mentality. Many of these people would love to see a Hitler era where the dissidents can just be silenced. They just want to stay on the other side with the undeserving people supposedly in power. OK, there are exceptions but the majority are uninformed trouble makers.

  15. Kim

    I find it strange that all these comments turned into bashing a few people who made comments bout welfare. For one if all illegals get the boot because they are criminals! These people are probably going to be gone off our land! As for collecting social security yes people can collect it whom have never paid into it! It’s called social security disability! This is when in my step daughter’s case her boyfriend collects it because he had a heart attack at 22 yrs old because of the drugs he was smoking! So yes it happens. EMTs should not have did CPR I think! But to bikers thank you, god be with you and protect you while on your journey!

    • Susan

      Perhaps you should have raised your step-daughter better and ensured that she learned the proper way we do things in this society. Parents are to blame for a number of failings when their kids turn out bad. I’m glad that all three of mine are good, hardworking citizens. My fiance and I are also bikers, but we wouldn’t join this crowd of self-serving jerks for anything in the world. According to posts I’ve read here, most of the bikers going on the “big ride” are chicken sh*ts who are all mouth and no action. They’d better be carrying some big guns to back up their big mouths. This could get ugly and it’s all your fault if you get shot because your egos were so big you thought you could whip the whiny liberals. Honey, don’t worry about whiny liberals, they’re not the only ones you have to worry about. Idiots!

  16. Stacey

    Has the “reporter” on this article ever ridden a motorcycle? Let alone riding one on the East coast in JANUARY?
    What a Joke! There’s a reason my insurance only charges me for 6 months of the year – There’s no way 2,000 bikers are riding from anywhere outside of DC to the inauguration let alone 200,000! Any that do risk themselves or their bikes in that weather are idiots for more than supporting Trump! I would never risk myself or my Harley in East Coast weather like that!

    • Jan Maccusweil

      Most of these riders are riding in the south then north which is relatively mild weather. Heated gear is mandatory and quite possible for these riders once they reach the north east. Many have done it, ride in the winter that is. Snow conditions are possible to ride in as well, like I said before many have done it. However, if there is snow on the ground I would wait until it has been cleared. If it’s just rain well they need to take it slow. My insurance is mandatory 12 months of the year. I have rode in January in my state which is in the Rocky Mountains. Thanks for reading.

  17. Donna

    A true man and a true “biker” will do whatever it takes to help the ONE man set on making America great again. If that means riding a bike in the rain and having to watch over the crybaby especially that are sure to be present then I’m sure that’s what they will do.

  18. D Christie

    Bad Ass Bikers? Hahahaha!.. Red Neck Filth and Grammar School Dropouts using motorcycles as a poor man’s substitute for a brain and a dick.

    • B Parson

      Funny I am neither a red neck or a drop out. I am a respected engineer. I am a biker and proud of it! You are painting with a pretty broad brush bigot. Time for you to go back to your mom basement and wait for your check troll.

    • George

      Seriously? After last week, you’re going to post a link to BUZZFEED??? OMG that’s freaking hilarious!! ROFLMAO

    • George

      HuffPo? You might as well have done the same thing Donald did & post a link to Buzzfeed, they both have about the same integrity level LMAO

    • Gini

      The bikers in my city are great men an women! Children who are being forced to testify in a domestic violence case against a parent. About 4 or five bikers will come and stand in front of the house all night long then escort them to the court the next day. This gives the child a protective comfort that someone ha their back!
      Get a grip people! Bikers are not the Hells Angels of the past!!

  19. kelly thompson

    Big tough bikers riding in to protect Trump from the Women’s March. Pathetic.

  20. nor

    You liberals are crybabies for not getting what you want and don’t call Conservatives hypocrites when even if Hillary won we would have been mad but we wouldn’t have protester we would have gotten over it for a while. You liberals thought we wouldn’t accept the election results if Hillary won but you Liberals don’t accept what really happened so you Liberals are the hypocrites.

  21. dru

    after reading all this stupid crap being posted here i just had to say something, trump is pres if you dont like it get the hell out. those bikers by the way 90% of them are what has kept you the right to make dumb ass’ out of yourself, i eill be one of them and by the way drug free no rcord what so ever other then my millatary record buy the wayhonablr discharg , anyone who thinks they are thugs is someone who is afraid of there own shadow i do really hope ya all start crap come thursday i will ienjoy shuving you head up your ass for it, come one come all we dont care start shit and we finish it and you

    • Jan Maccusweil

      I like the way you think, but don’t get your self in trouble. So take it all in and enjoy. Even the douche-bags who will be there to make noise have a right to be there although I wish they would just stay home. I’m pretty sick of the haters of Trump they make me weary. I am looking forward to the Trump administration. The pendulum must swing and bring it back from the far left liberal ideals. They just went to far.

  22. D Christie

    Roger that. Actually, they’re genuinely disturbed fuck-tards who think noise pollution from a bike on top of being genuinely obnoxious douche-bags gets them the attention they crave… at least on the weekends when they pull out their ear splitting stink bombs and play motor cycle outlaw. They do get attention, but it’s usually from traffic cops, narcs and stray dogs. Authentic respect from anyone else has always been 100% unattainable since their routine role in society is typically a pizza delivery geek or convenience store flunky who contributes about as much to our society as a bad case of herpes.

  23. norb

    These Liberals say Trump supporters have 3rd grade mentality or are retarded. Well explain to me how I have the mind of a 3rd Grader when I attend Robert Morris University with a GPA of 3.8 and and tell me how I’m trash when I work as a Lifeguard for a local pool and have saved peoples lives before. So someone explain to me how I’m trash and stupid. And those who do try to tell me how bad I am they probably don’t even have really jobs they just welfare pigs who get free money. I work hard at my job not only because I need money but because I love it and I have a duty to keep people safe in the pool. Yeah Robert Morris University isn’t the best College in the country but its still a good college to go to and I’m proud to go there. So come at me Liberals tell me how I’m trash and how I’m stupid lets see what poor excuses you can conjure up.

  24. Leslie

    Headline says 200k. If you actually read the “Story” It says 5K. Ummm sensationalize much

  25. Shovelhead

    I’m sure all these “badasses ” will be trailering there bikes!! Bwaahahaha.

  26. Missionary James

    It’s January 20th you Liberal Snow-Flakes and the EAGLE has landed…

  27. Mike

    These guys aren’t bikers. They’re motorcyclists. Most of them have never been around a real biker.


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