Obama’s administration claimed total transparency, what a complete falsehood.

During Obama’s eight year reign, two separate AG’s communicated using an alias in order to escape the email leaks happening on a daily basis. Loretta Lynch used her deceased grandmothers name on numerous occasions while communicating with DOJ. Why would she feel the need to hid her identity?


On Friday internet sleuth Kim Dotcom dropped a bomb on Twitter.

Kim posted an email Friday showing Loretta Lynch using an alias to contact DOJ officials.

Yesterday, we reported about the new DOJ emails that were released to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) as part of an ongoing investigation into the secret meeting between former AG Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary Clinton, was under investigation by the FBI at the time of the meeting.

One of those emails reveals that Obama’s crooked AG Loretta Lynch, was hiding her name, and using her grandmother’s name (Elizabeth Carlisle) as an alias:


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