Let’s start by saying a child’s behavior is a reflection of her upbringing, and of the values instilled by their parents. Liberal are quick to judge Trump’s youngest daughter. They often refer to her as Trump’s less favorite daughter, claiming she is a party girl who hangs out with a troubled crowd. Well, we also ALL know Malia Obama, who has been spotted smoking joints in public and taking out her a$$ and shaking it on stage at drug filled partyfests. So, let’s do a quick comparison of the two….

VIA| There’s going to be a lot of comparisons between the incoming and outgoing administrations. And a big one is going to be how Tiffany Trump stacks up to Malia Obama.

Why is this important? Because a child’s behavior is a reflection of his or her upbringing, of the values instilled by that child’s parents.

And when it comes to Tiffany vs Malia, it’s really no contest.

TruthMonitor had a great write up on the comparison:

*”Tiffany Trump…has been kept hidden from the public for much of her life. …Now, Tiffany is looking at becoming the next First Daughter, and when comparing her to Malia Obama, it’s clear that she will be the far better role model for young women across America.*

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