Opinion| Unless you live under a rock, you know who Roger Stone is.

Stone has been a friend of President Trump for decades, formerly served as the head of his campaign, played a key role in the “infowar” that resulted in the election of our 45th President, and co-hosts a daily radio show among other things.  Roger is a very public person, who loves the lime light as much as anyone on the face of the Earth.   “I have always said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” is perhaps Stone’s most famous quote.

Roger co-hosts a show on the Infowars network and is a staple guest, ofter sitting in as host on the Alex Jones show.  The point of all this is that Stone is not hiding, he is not on the run, he is not a flight risk.

Senator Graham took to Twitter to tell America about the letter he had just sent to the FBI, seeking answers about the treatment of Stone and suspected Special Counsel leaks to the press, specifically the infamous, CNN.

Here are Graham’s Tweets:

When you add up all the facts, look at all the conflicts of interests, all the shady tactics employed by the Mueller team, the inhumane treatment of Manafort, among many, many other factors, this whole thing looks like a plot to punish anyone and everyone who helped Donald Trump get elected, in my opinion.

I think Roger Stone, and America for that matter, deserve honest answers to these questions.  The more I watch the news the less and less I recognize this nation.

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