These liftest liberals have gone too far that they even include our kids as early as 12 years old with their sick survey questionnaire.

We should be mindful as parents because they are liberating our child innocent minds with their sexual propaganda.

Recently, in a new Fairfax County survey, 12-year-olds in Virginia are asked specific questions about their sex and dating life.

According to ABC7:

Virginia students in Fairfax County – as young as 12 years old – will be asked about their sex life, dating life, home life, and more.

The survey begins with asking students how old they are, whether they are male, female, or transgender, and the survey asks students their sexual orientation, their race, and their experience at school. The survey also asks students several questions on how they spend their time after school, questions on their home life, bullying, their feelings during the past 12 months — plus how often students use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

One of the questions asked in the Fairfax County Youth Survey of 2021, “Over the past three months, how many people have you had sex with?”

Others include: “Have you ever had sexual intercourse?”; “How old are you when you have sex for the first time?”; “In your life, how many people have you had sex with?”; “Have you ever had oral sex?”

The Anonymous Survey is a collaboration between the Fairfax County Government and the Fairfax County Public Schools. Students in grades 8, 10, and 12 have the option of participating in the survey – which is not mandatory.

Other parts include asking students about bullying, their home life, the feelings they have had over the past year, and how often they use tobacco or alcohol. The survey prompts students about their sexual orientation, their sexual orientation, and their race.

The Fairfax County website reports on the youth survey, “The Fairfax County Youth Survey is a comprehensive, anonymous and voluntary survey of students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 each year that examines the behaviors, experiences and other factors that impact the health and well-being of Fairfax County youth. The results provide a snapshot of county youth. Serve as a measure of community effectiveness in developing healthy choices for young people.”

The 6th graders will also be given a survey and will ask students about bullying, their feelings in recent months and weeks, how often they have moved since childhood, and other questions.

The county has given similar surveys in previous years to find out how many students vape, and the level of depression and stress in students.

It is not clear how this year’s data will be used.

The good news is Republican Governer Youngkin just had a historic and upset victory in Virginia.

But what about other states and cities?

Are your kids being asked questions about their ‘sex’ life in school?

People were not happy about any of this:

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