Let me start by saying that bullsh*t like this is why Hillary is going down. With that said, this would be one of the most nerve wracking video’s possible if it hadn’t been for this man’s incredible response to his attackers. This absolutely a moment you don’t want to miss.

The video is titled ‘When Leftists Attack (Getting Harassed in the Clubhouse)‘, and I think that was appropriate for this stupid behavior.

Here it is:

VIA|  Liberal fashion police show up and start bullying a stranger. Because ‘Love Trumps Hate’. Here’s how he reacts.

Don’t they have a riot to attend? Or male lactating classes? Or a Better Living Through Kale seminar? No.

They need to harass a minority. And by minority, we mean a Republican in California.

‘Dude’ (we don’t actually KNOW his name, but they were happy to ‘name’ him racist about 70 times), tries really hard to disengage. But they get right in his space, film him, and mock him incessantly. Witness the TOLERANCE in all it’s Glory!

“Don’t wear sh-t like that here”

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  1. Jack

    Get up man and knock that smart ass fucker teeth down his throat, then slap the shit out of the stupid mexican bitch


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