John Durham Is Back And Liberals Everywhere Are In Hiding!

It seems John Durham just does not want to give Hillary Clinton a good night’s sleep.

Special Counsel John Durham is handing down a new set of subpoenas, including one targeting a law firm tied to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The indictment against Sussman says he lied to FBI lawyer James Baker when he presented data linking the Trump organization to a secret server that communicated with Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin and as the documents that were issued earlier this month has been on the books.

Also, Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said the work of special counsel John Durham is taking a strange turn.

McCabe said in a statement, “There’s really very little here relevant to what he supposedly was hired to investigate and He’s getting pretty far afield from the FBI. In fact, the recent indictment and these subpoenas really hold the FBI more in the position of the victim rather than subject of an investigation. So it’s a bizarre turn of events, and it’s one that I’m sure is disappointing a lot of Republicans.”

Durham began his review while serving as a U.S. attorney following an appointment by former Attorney General William Barr. Although Durham left his role as U.S. attorney, the Biden administration let the inquiry continue after Barr appointed him special counsel in October.

It was also said that Investigators from the special counsel’s office are seeking additional documents from Sussmann’s former law firm, Perkins Coie, an indication that Durham may be looking to add to Sussmann’s charges or to bring cases against other defendants.

All these rounds are just coming back to their original recipient, Hillary.

I am so excited for another round.

Source: WayneDupree