When you watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders in action when she is talking to the White House Press Corps on a daily basis, the uninformed would have to wonder where she got the tenacity from,

Now the informed would very easily be able to tell you that it is fro her father Mike Huckabee. He has been on liberals like nothing else for their brazen and shameful attempts to try and take out the Trump administration.

Huckabee said what many Americans are thinking about the Mueller investigation and the FBI… That it’s essentially a plot to destroy President Trump.

“This is an intent to stage what essentially amounts to a coup d’etat of the highest elected office in the United States of America.”

“The Mueller probe has long been looked at as nothing more than a witch hunt against President Trump and his administration. As more details come in, the more and more it looks like that is turning out to be true.

He continued:“Look, this stuff smells worse than a feed lot at a hog farm.”

And how anybody can sit there with a straight face during that hearing and say, “Well, we don’t see anything here that looks all that nefarious.”

“Sandra, it’s bizarre. And our country really has to have belief and confidence in our Justice Department. 1′

“I do believe that overwhelmingly the rank and file men and women of the FBI are people of integrity, but at the top, the old saying is a fish rots from the head down. There is something rotten at the head of this fish.”

Mike Huckabee is right and it’s one of those things that even liberals should recognize. What people are trying to do right now is if you were to watch a sporting event and the referees were making every call in favor of one team…

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