A passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant and attempting to unlock the cabin door on a United Airlines flight has been sentenced to jail, federal officials said.

According to a news release from the US Attorney’s Office for Florida’s Northern District, Kameron C. Stone of Fairfax, Virginia was sentenced to one year in prison for “interfering with flight crew and assault by hitting and wounding in special aviation jurisdiction.”

On May 2, United Airlines and Stone’s attorney did not immediately respond to a McClatchy News request for comment.

Passengers stated the now 30-year-old was acting “loud and belligerent” and smelled “strongly of alcohol” during a flight from Dulles International Airport in Virginia to Pensacola International Airport in Florida on April 16, 2021, according to court documents obtained by McClatchy News.

In a February story by McClatchy News, the man was pestering other passengers and making “finger guns,” using his hands as handguns and pretending to shoot others.

Stone reportedly grabbed for the cockpit door after one of the flight attendants repeatedly told him to stay seated and wear his seat belt, stating, “I’m trying to get out of here.”

The man tried to reach the door again as the plane descended to Florida, but the flight attendant barred the cabin and cockpit doors, according to prosecutors. Stone is accused of grasping the flight attendant’s shoulders, forcing her against the galley wall, and shoving her into the cabin door.

The woman hit her head and arm in the process, court documents show.

According to the news release:

“During the altercation, Stone successfully breached the main cabin door to the external portion of the plane, triggering the alarm and causing the pilots to declare an emergency with the Federal Aviation Administration.”

The court documents show that the flight attendant had to hold Stone’s hand to keep him from fully opening the door and yelled for aid.

Prosecutors said mini-alcohol bottles fell out of the men’s pockets during the altercation.

The court documents stated that Stone eventually admitted to having one or two alcoholic beverages before boarding the plane and drinking the three small bottles of vodka while on board. He also expressed his regret for the situation.

Three passengers — including an off-duty U.S. Marshal — restrained Stone for the remainder of the flight, court documents state, until law enforcement met the flight at its arrival gate.

Stone faces three years of supervised release following his one-year prison sentence.  The release states, that he was also sentenced to pay $7,500 in fines and civil penalties imposed by the Transportation Security Administration.

Chris Williams, special agent in charge with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Pensacola, said in the news release:

“I hope this case and prison sentence will serve as a warning to anyone who would threaten the safety of those who work or travel in our skies.”

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