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In the movie Contagion, there is a scene where they are placing bodies in a mass grave.

One of the workers looks at another and asks how long it had been since they had run out of body bags.

I want you to think about that when you think of some of these people that would want to purposely break quarantines and put other people in danger.

No matter what your opinions on the cause of this virus may be, it is here and we have to realize that the best thing that we can do when it comes to fighting it is staying in our homes.

Look at what is happening in New York. People are literally dying so fast from this that they don’t have anywhere to put any of them. They are having to use the same type of refrigerated truck that you might use to get french fries to a grocery store to hold the dead they are dying so quickly.

A shocking video shows how one hospital in Brooklyn, New York, became so inundated with coronavirus victims that it used a forklift to transfer the bodies into the back of a refrigerated truck being used as a temporary morgue.

The video was posted on Facebook on Sunday by a person named John Lee, who said the footage “may make you want to take it serious.”

“They’re putting the bodies in an 18-wheeler, y’all,” Lee says as he films the scene outside the Brooklyn Hospital Center in the Fort Greene neighborhood. “Please stay inside. This is for real.”

He adds: “This is for real. This is real. This is right here in Brooklyn.”

similar video uploaded on YouTube on the same day showed a line of gurneys holding bodies and waiting on the curb outside another Brooklyn hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, before being put in another refrigerated truck.

The person who took the video, who appears to be a hospital worker in medical garb, can be heard saying, “This is ridiculous … There’s a truck that we’re going to put the f—ing bodies in, bro.”

The person then opens up the back of the truck and gestures to the back, saying, “There’s bodies up there, piling up.”

That video has been shared by many people, including the rapper Ice-T. The version Ice-T posted appears to have an additional clip at the end showing a body being dragged onto the truck.

A spokeswoman for Maimonides Medical Center told the New York Daily News that it “regrets that anyone was able to obtain video of this nature.”

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