George Soros Tried To Buy A Radio Station, And Got Hit With The Shock Of A Lifetime…

Before being acquired by the newly established Latino Media Network, which is buying 18 radio stations from Univision for $60 million, Lourdes Ubieta, the afternoon host of the conservative talk station “Radio Mambi” WAQI Miami (710) has departed the station.

The station’s prospective owner’s connections to Lakestar Finance, an investment company connected to billionaire George Soros, according to Ubieta, is why she left the station.

“I would never cut a deal with these people,” Ubieta told Fox News Digital. “Never, never, never.”

Social entrepreneurs Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama White House employee, and Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO employee, are in charge of the Latino Media Network.

What is happening here is that they are trying to silence the conservative voices. We are very few actually, very few hosts, conservative hosts in Spanish. And they [Democrats] believe that they can win the Hispanic vote by taking over these 18 radio stations through the United States.” Ubieta added.

“Hispanics are not voting because someone is telling them in the radio station what they have to do. Hispanics, we are voting because of inflation, because of quality of life, because all the things that we have to face daily to raise our kids, to build our families. So what I would say about this is that it’s a shame that the Democrats use their power, with the backing of someone like George Soros, to use and try to misuse the goal, that means having a radio station.” She continued.

In South Florida, there has been a commotion about its agreement to purchase 18 Univision radio stations. The concern is that LMN, whose creators and backers have connections to the Democratic party, would turn “Radio Mambi” and “Univision America” WQBA (1140), which serve Miami’s Cuban exile community, into strongholds for leftist viewpoints. Due to their vehement hostility to the communist government in Havana, both stations are important media venues for Cuban Miami.

Ubieta says the deal, which is currently under regulatory review, is a “stab in the heart” of the “Radio Mambi” community. “That’s why I left,” she explained.

Ubieta says a sizable offer to stay with the station came with a non-disclosure clause.

“I was very happy doing both, but then the situation came along with the selling of the [Univision] stations,” she said. I’m focused 100% on Americano.”

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