COVID-19 vaccine has become a very controversial issue and discussion since their first experimental dose was first introduced to the whole world.

This made people undergo an experimental basis  (basically a lab rat) – YET now there were concerns over a “papers please” requirement on the part of law enforcement in which travelers would be required to show their health status.

It all started with concerns – fears that it will be used as a weapon to control people – and we’re living the reality we thought wouldn’t happen.

A report from stated that officers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “will spot-check passengers who arrive in the U.S. for compliance, according to an administration official. Airlines that don’t enforce the requirements could be subject to penalties of up to nearly $35,000 per violation.”

The devastating effect of Joe’s vaccine mandates is more than the virus itself. Traveling is never been this hassle until this new mandate comes to life – it is part of a series of new travel rules announced for international travelers this week.

Thus, demand most travelers to America be vaccinated against COVID-19 with exceptions for children under 18, immigrants, those who have had reactions to shots, and those coming from countries where shots are in short supply.

The report explained tests and negative results also will be demanded.

The report said:

“The U.S. will accept any FDA-approved vaccine for regular or emergency use or approved by the World Health Organization. “These include Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and China’s Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines.”

The report noted that airlines will be forced to do the enforcement.

“It sounds as though the quarantine officers are not there to help the airlines with their additional responsibility to enforce compliance with the requirements but to catch any travelers who might fall through the cracks and fine the airlines. Extra government revenue, right? That’s the thing with strident government control over industries, their grip only increases, it rarely loosens back up. In this case, more travel will be allowed but at the cost of airline personnel who are under Big Brother’s thumb to enforce it.

The mental picture of CDC officers lurking around is enough to make a person cringe. Not only will travelers be required to show their papers initially to board the plane, some will also have to do it again for a quarantine officer,” the report commented.

“The Biden administration’s goal all along has been to pile on as many inconveniences as possible for the unvaccinated among us in order to drive Americans to get vaccinated. They are creating a two-tier society using vaccination status as the baseline. They will continue to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the unvaccinated until their goal is met. We see it in the United States now with some venues requiring proof of vaccination to enter. No vaccine? No concert ticket,” the report added.

Source: WND

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