Donald Trump Jr Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About A Lying Liberal Organization!

We all know how bad the Democrats’ orchestrated play is, but then it backfired really hard.

It was a photobomb effect near a Youngkin tour bus when 5 young VA Dems and dressed them up like the “white nationalists” at the Unite The Right rally in Virginia, complete with tiki torches, and had them pretend to be Youngkin supporters.

It has backfired so bad that it came out that the disgraced Lincoln Project was in on it.

Terry McAuliffe is a complete dud even during his Governor times and considering him to run again, seemed like it was just another form of a gift from his old buddy at the White House (Biden) or maybe he needed more money or maybe he is just a mover and shaker” once again.

Still, he is a complete walking debacle.

Well, the Lincoln Project, who is still living under that dark cloud of suspicion after they got busted covering up for founding members’ “pedophilia” scandal, is now getting hammered with insults left and right for the tiki hate hoax – literally. Both sides appear to hate them.

Well, Trump Jr. just shot a sharp arrow that has surely slammed them.

Here’s what Don Jr. said on Twitter: “The Lincoln Project is almost as good at electing Republicans as they are protecting pedophiles. Congrats, guys!”

After what he said, he only proves that he can be a keen person like his Dad.

The Youngkin campaign was quick to call out the purported “Unite the Right” group as imposters, and rumors swirled all day on social media about who might have been behind planting the individuals at the event.

Source: Wayne Dupree