Did Joe Biden Just Get Caught Nodding Off In The Israel Meeting?

Well, it looks like he’s sleeping again, and this time it’s too embarrassing to look at.

On Friday, President Joe Biden hosted Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett, discussing issues ranging from the plight of the Palestinians to Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

However, during their discussion, there’s a 32-second clip of Joe Biden that appears to doze off in the middle of a meeting with the Prime Minister.

And Social media users are sharing a clip of the U.S. President Joe Biden falls asleep during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, but there are people claiming, especially Joe’s online supporters that the video is incorrect, Biden didn’t doze off.

According to Reuters, The videos on social media, however, have been misleadingly cropped: seconds later, longer footage shows that Biden responds to Bennett.

But it was clearly seen in the video that Biden dozes off for about 33-seconds.

For example, it looks like Joe starts to get “glazed over” at the 9:58 mark.

Here’s Joe with both eyes open at the 9:58 mark, where he’s appearing to look a bit tired and “droopy” in the eyes.

And this is a screengrab from the 10:35 mark, and you can clearly see that Joe’s eyes are closed.

Joe appears to snap out of it and groggily “wake up” at the 10:49 mark.

This is the full video, if you want to get the part I mentioned, that’s at 9:58:

Here’s what the people are saying online about this incident:

“God help us, we’re being led by Rip Van Winkle”

“What’s even scarier is Kamala and Nancy are next in line. Heaven help us.”

“This shit is not funny anymore. His family failed him.”

“In fairness, if I screwed up as many things as Joe has, I’d be tuckered out too.”

“He’s better asleep, when he cannot screw up so much. Keep it down, Joe!”

“The world is watching in disbelief”

“I’m Brazilian and I don’t know how you Americans elected this fool”

“Feels like watching a movie, doesn’t it?”

Of course, the left thinks this guy is sharp as a tack and wide awake and just “soaking in” everything the PM has to say – and the right thinks Joe’s slow, sleepy, and senile.

I dunno, based on everything considered, I think the right “wins” this argument, hands down.

Sources: waynedupree, Uelresins, Reuters, Israelhayom