Opinion – Elder Patriot – Career politician, ultimate Washington insider, and leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sat down for an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.  

Biden’s handlers were confident that he wasn’t going to face any difficult questions or serious pushback against his answers.  

Nevertheless, what we saw was depressing.  Biden showed signs of a man whose cognitive abilities are in decline.

Coming on the heels of the first debate where Sen. Kamala Harris literally ate his lunch, Biden’s handlers hoped that he would use this friendly interview to restore his credibility.  

They were wrong.  What Biden showed Cuomo’s viewers was confirmation that he’s already lost some cognitive ability.  There’s no doubt that Democratic Party leaders saw what we saw.

Here’s a short two-minute clip that illustrates how much Biden has slipped:

It’s hard to sound this out of touch in only 120 seconds but Biden manages to do just that.  His grasp of the facts and his distortion of them will not withstand scrutiny for very long. Not in the red-hot crucible that is presidential politics.

More distressing than that is Biden’s visible mental infirmity.  For those who have lived through watching a loved one suffer this kind of decline, we know it only grows progressively worse.  Sad.

Let’s start with the facts.  Biden ignores or twists them without regard for the truth.  He got away with that with Sarah Palin, he won’t get away with it against President Trump.

Biden starts off dismissing the reality that, because of President Trump’s hard-line position with our NATO partners to pay their contractual obligations, NATO collected an additional $100 Billion and is stronger than ever.  

Within the same comment the former vice president brags about putting together coalitions to fight wars, something President Trump has successfully avoided because he demanded funding to rebuild the United States military that Obama-Biden had run into the ground.

Under Obama-Biden, that lack of military preparedness made us dependent on the foreign policy decisions of our “allies” to get anything done.

The former German Chancellor Biden references is Gerhard Schroeder who has become Vladimir Putin’s chief lobbyist.

(National Review) One of Schroeder’s last acts in office in 2005 was authorizing “Nord Stream,” a pipeline bypassing key territories and controlled by Russia’s Gazprom energy company. Shortly after leaving office, Vladimir Putin arranged for Schroeder to chair the project, and then he started pushing for a second pipeline, Nord Stream 2. Instead of diversifying Europe’s energy supply, Schroeder’s pushed policies that make the continent more dependent upon Russia, not less. In September 2017, Putin arranged for Schroeder to become chairman of Rosneft, the state-owned Russian oil giant.

Trump has already won that point:

“We’re supposed to protect you against Russia but they’re paying billions of dollars to Russia and I think that’s very inappropriate . . . Germany, as far as I’m concerned, is captive to Russia.” – President Donald J. Trump at NATO breakfast

Alliances shift when leaders are replaced.  The Nord Stream pipelines are evidence of that.  Over time those relationships need to be re-evaluated.  Biden appears incapable of abandoning the status of punching bag that Obama assumed for the U.S.

Candidate Biden continued talking himself into a political box by blaming Russia’s actions under Putin on Trump.  This won’t age well. In fact it already stinks like three-day old fish:

Biden was Obama’s V.P. at the time.

By the end of the short clip Biden really showed detachment from reality. He actually directed viewers attention to Russian meddling in the Brexit, U.S. and EU elections in 2015 and 2016 and then told them it would not have happened under his watch.

Uh… Donald Trump didn’t become president until 2017, Joe.

Worse than the gaffs, as bad as they were, was the former V.P’s incoherence and inability to coordinate answers to a relatively easy set of questions so that together they made sense.  It appears that Biden no longer has the cognitive ability to do that. 

With the presidential election 16 months in the future, Biden’s cognitive abilities will only diminish further.  Expect party leaders to shift to Plan B sooner than later.

Editor’s Note: Neither I, nor the author of this article, are medical doctors.  Our suggestion that Biden is not all there mentally is our opinion, nothing more, nothing less. 

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