Criminal Looters Have Been Getting A Mysterious Message Telling Them Their Time Is Up!

I have never stolen anything in my life, but I can imagine that I would not want to pick something that can track your every movie if I was going to steal something.

Then again why not? I mean, phones are pretty expensive and can be a big poke in the checkbook if you have to buy a new one. Which is why the next time I have the chance I am going to steal a phone…

Oh wait, no. Looting a phone is a terrible idea. Good thing I’m not a looter, but it took me maybe five minutes to think this all through. The looters — who assumedly had time to plan what they were going to take, given that the general absence of law enforcement meant the atmosphere was often like Black Friday without the cashiers — probably had some time to think this through.

Even if the dash for iPhone 11 Pros was so crazy that you didn’t have time to think about the fact that you would be tracked by the device as you played “Supermarket Sweep,” surely you’d think through it and come to that conclusion before you got it home, right? I mean, I know I’m brilliant and all, but you can figure out what it took me two paragraphs to realize in like, an hour or two.

I’m sure some people came to this conclusion. For those who didn’t. Apple is sending them a friendly message that they done goofed.

Apparently, “josh (apex male)” would “be heated” with what’s happening to a lot of people who took these devices. According to Fox Business, the new “owners” of Apple iPhones that were taken from the company’s stores in recent days are getting notices from the company that they’re currently in possession of a useless piece of glass, metal and silicon that’s currently tracking their every move.