There are much better ways of doing things that burning down entire cities, but it seems that liberals would much rather do things in a more destructive manner.

The thing about it is, they are hurting people that have nothing to do with the reason why they are mad.

A good friend of mine had a business basically destroyed during a riot back in June, and may lose everything because of this crap.

Antifa is calling for a day of riots all across the country, but I believe that they will only do this in cities controlled by Democratic mayors.

Sure they love to loot, burn down buildings and openly assault anyone who disagrees with them, but does that really make them the bad guys?

Obviously, like everything else, the day of riots can be blamed on President Donald Trump.

Portland was the land where you could get away with anything, at least you could before President Trump sent federal agents in to quell the rioting at the federal courthouse.

And apparently that is the reason for the day of riots. Make sense yet?

The president sent in some government officers to stop the rioting which had been going on for about 50 days.

For the first time in a long time, it seemed someone who cared about our safety was taking a positive step in order to prevent the city from surrendering to the radicals.

Eighteen have been arrested over the last week.

Antifa likes to physically attack anyone that disagrees with them but does not otherwise affect antifa in any way.

Shutting down the other side from expressing thier views is the very definition of fascism which antifa claims to hate.

It will be interesting to see if the call to action is heeded by many groups across this country. It may just fizzle out. The main event of course, will be held in Portland. Where else?

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