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UPDATE Below As someone that spent several years in the military, you never think that something is going to happen while you are on duty.

It is a scary situation that is happening right now in California. We don’t know exactly everything that is going on.

However, we will do our best to keep you informed as the situation unfolds.

There is apparently an active shooter at the Marine Corps base in Twentynine Palms, California.

Military police on the base responded to reports of gunshots at 6:30 a.m. and cordoned off the area, according to a statement from the base. “We cannot confirm a suspect in custody at this time. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.”

A cell phone alert was also sent out, according to media reports: “Code White. There is an Active Shooter in the A M C C. Remain calm. Silence your cell phone. Run, hide, fight. Help is on the way.” (AMCC may be in reference to the Adult Medical Care Clinic.)

The base, called the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, is the largest in the Marine Corps.


Phone alerts warned anyone in the area to barricade themselves, and others to stay away from the base.

While the military has been unwilling to confirm that a suspect is in custody, local media is reporting that one is and military police are currently speaking with them. Palm Springs reporter Angela Chen has tweeted that it is no longer an active shooter situation, and the assistance of the local sheriff’s department is not being requested.

The base, considered a premiere military training facility that spans more than 900 square miles, is located approximately 150 miles outside of Los Angeles in the Mojave desert.





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