BLM Thug Shoots WHITE WOMAN DEAD….Mainstream Media Sweeps It RIGHT UNDER THE RUG!

The thing that people need to realize when you are dealing with the Black Lives Matter crowd is that they are not exactly the most tolerant people in the world.

If you agree with 99 of the 100 things that they believe and you disagree with one thing, they want to kill you.

This isn’t hyperbole or anything of that nature, they quite seriously will want to cause you great bodily harm.

An Indianapolis mother was shot and killed along the canal early Sunday, marking the second homicide on the canal in a week.

According to the victim’s family, the shooting started over some racially charged language.

The victim, Jessica Doty Whitaker, leaves behind a little boy.

“She shouldn’t have lost her life. She’s got a 3-year-old son she loved dearly,” said her fiance Jose Ramirez.

According to Ramirez, he and the victim and two other people were hanging out along the canal when someone in their group used a slang version of the N-word.

That word prompted a confrontation by a group of strangers.

During a brief argument, Ramirez claims the suspect’s group shouted Black Lives Matter and either Whitaker or someone in her group replied that All Lives Matter.

Eventually the two sides separated because they realized they were both armed. The groups then fist bumped and walked away from each other.

However, minutes later Ramirez claims the killer opened fire from a nearby bridge and ran away.

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