Kids are off limits.  Unless they support Donald Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders read an endearing letter by Dylan “Pickle” Harbin in a press briefing this week.  Almost immediately, Bill Maher took the opportunity to ridicule the letter.

We’ve already seen just how classy Maher is.  We’ve also seen how classy the Left is.  The ridicule Barron Trump faced following the election was worse than a bully in middle school.

Foremost, a 9 year old is entitled to make grammatical and spelling errors.  I’m more excited about the fact that he chose to write a political figure, and didn’t feel the need to play video games for 15 hours straight.

At Pickle’s tender age, this type of ridicule from an adult could have long-term effects.  I’d love to see Maher’s own writing from this time.  I’m sure even back at 9 years old, he was writing lame jokes about the president.

Another thing.  Trump has become a means to get cheap laughs for liberals.  It’s abundantly clear their creativity runs as deep as a shower.  We get it, Bill.  You don’t like the president.  Please churn out jokes you have already made 8.5 billion times.  It’s hilarious!


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