Michigan patriots just sent a CLEAR message to Biden – and Biden’s will not gonna like it.

It is loud and clear that the people of Michigan don’t like Biden very much…

Remember Biden’s visit to Howell, Michigan? It was the most embarrassing trip Joe has ever made, it looks like Michigan has to go down in history as one of the worst trips he’s ever taken. Obviously, Michigan doesn’t like Joe Biden.

To give you a preview of what exactly happened there, on his motorcade while driving to an event in Howell, there were 1,500 people lining the streets greeting the President with their flags and signs “F*** Biden.”

And for crying out loud, they even had construction equipment going up and down the street with anti-Biden slogans on them, while waving Trump 2024 flags, even a Dem Michigan rep in the car with him told him she couldn’t vote on his spending bill, who saw it all too.

Biden should realize right now how much the American people don’t like him…

Recently, they even made a GIGANTIC “F Joe Biden” sign in the grass which he’ll see when he took off in his helicopter, it was their last surprise for him… What a good person.

Well, this is what happens when you lie and cheat through life, and turn America into a communist dictatorship.

I hope Joe Biden gets a helluva lot more of this type of treatment.

He deserves to be mocked and humiliated wherever he goes.

Here are the comments from the folks online:

“Michigan does not support Biden!”

“Aww, MAGAgelicals doing a great job of showing God’s love.”

” Y’all make me so proud!! Let’s Rollllll!!!”

“I love the creativity “


“How did I miss this


“This is the best one so far. They put in work for that”

“That’s absolutely beautiful! Oh my! Good job Michigan!”

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