Bath & Body Works Employee Caught On Tape VERBALLY ABUSING TRUMP SUPPORTER [VIDEO]

In my younger days, I worked in a couple of retail stores and I can tell you I have heard people say some awful stuff about customers.

That being said, it was always said far away from the customers to where it wouldn’t impact their shopping experience because we knew how the game would be played if we so much as uttered one word to them.

There are people that don’t like Trump, there are people that don’t like Biden. That doesn’t mean you have to suddenly stop doing your job when you run across one you don’t agree with at work.

Jeremiah Cota was taking a break from the desert heat and enjoying time with family when he suddenly heard “F— Donald Trump” yelled at him as they walked through a popular upscale mall in Arizona.

Cota, the director of strategic initiatives for the Republican Party’s Trump Victory Committee campaign in Arizona, was wearing a Make America Great Again face mask when the incident happened in front of the Bath & Body Works at the Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Cota, accompanied by his cousin and her little daughter, saw that the expletive had been fired off by an employee standing near the store entrance.

Trump Victory spokesperson Keith Schipper told The Western Journal that Cota needed to take a second to process what he thought he had just heard and then decided to inform the store’s manager.

He proceeded into the Bath & Body Works and asked the woman who had just yelled ‘F— Donald Trump’ at him for her store’s manager. She told him she was the manager.

Cota recorded the encounter on his phone.

“You said, ‘F— Donald Trump?’” he asked.

“Yeah, because that’s how I feel,” she confirmed.

Cota posted the video on Twitter, tagging Bath & Body Works.

As of the time of publication, the video had been viewed approximately 1 million times.

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