AYFKM? Fed’s Refuse To Release Hillary & Co’s Uranium One Documents, Highlighting Their Hypocrisy Over Trump Nominee Confirmation

Opinion – There’s a reason that Americans are more divided than at any time since the Civil War.  

Democrat voters have been programmed by the 24/7 propaganda “news” media, in coordination with the allied multinational corporations, international bankers, and status quo politicians to detest every personal characteristic about President Trump.

Their default position when confronted with facts they can’t refute is to dismiss further discussion and declare “I don’t care, Trump is despicable, I’ll never like him.”

How else can one explain the irrational hatred and distrust rank and file Democrats direct towards President Trump and the enmity they hold towards any family and friends who support him?

How else can you explain the public flogging  – both by verbal abuse and physical assault – of those who speak out in defense of our First Principles?

They use two-and-a-half years of media-generated hatred to attack his policies that have been successful at measurably improving the lives of millions of productive Americans.    

Instead of looking for the empirical truth, they blindly accept every negative word and every previously proven failed policy put forth by Democratic Party leaders.  

And, they have expanded their web of hate from Donald Trump to anyone who dares support our president.  That’s a degree of irrationality that crosses the border into brainwashing.

They detest President Trump’s tweets announcing his successes as a disgusting form of self promotion.

This despite the fact many of the very people now trashing Trump’s policies once held similar positions as this president on the need for energy independence, protecting our southern border, removing illegal aliens, increased and better employment opportunities, and the need for a strong national defense and the role that a vibrant manufacturing sector plays in securing that.

President Trump has lifted people off of government assistance, not by cutting the programs out from under them but, by instituting economic policies that has provided them jobs and a path to a better life.  

Trump haters have become so convinced that Trump is a Russian agent that they ignore the fact he has demanded NATO member nations increase spending in order to strengthen their defenses against… Russia.

For these Kool-Aid drinkers, President Trump’s demand that German Chancellor Angela Merkel buy energy from the U.S. – the largest single funder of NATO and the only real counterbalance to the Russian threat – rather than from Russia is a sign of greed rather than the expected behavior of a leader wanting to starve an enemy state.

And, when Trump isn’t busy fulfilling Putin’s desires, these same Trump haters believe he’s taking orders from Rush Limbaugh.  They know this because the paid mouthpieces employed by agents for the status quo have told them so.

Reconciling two masters as divergent as Putin and Limbaugh cannot be explained.  So Trump’s enemies avoid addressing the ridiculousness of those claims.

With hatred for Trump firmly established among a significant portion of the electorate, and the House under Pelosi’s control, impeachment proceedings have already been mapped.

Do not mistake this for legal impeachment.  There are no legal grounds for Trump’s removal from office.  If there were, the special council would’ve already filed his report.

Pelosi’s plan is to use Democrat controlled House committees to take the special counsel’s report and amplify it, with the propaganda media megaphone, for the full term of this congress, right up until the 2020 election.

Everything the House does and the propaganda media reports from now until the 2020 election has been carefully mapped out to inflict maximum political damage to President Trump.

We saw that with CNN’s invitation to cover the FBI’s over-the-top arrest of Roger Stone that was meant for the eyes of anyone contemplating working with the Trump 2020 campaign.

We witnessed the setup, and subsequent personal destruction, of the Covington Catholic high schoolers for outwardly supporting President Trump.

All reporting by the propaganda media will be coordinated with the intention of furthering the smear campaign through the weaponization of the House Intelligence, Oversight and Judiciary committees.

Watch ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, former Clinton aide, read previously provided questions because he is concerned about the getting the specific wording correct for Adam Schiff’s scripted answers.  The Clinton apologist actually reads from a script during the interview:

Former federal prosecutor, Andrew C. McCarthy, after reviewing the indictment against Stone, wrote:

The indictment is just the latest blatant demonstration that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Department of Justice, and the FBI have known for many months that there was no such conspiracy. And yet, fully aware that the Obama administration, the Justice Department, and the FBI had assiduously crafted a public narrative that Trump may have been in cahoots with the Russian regime, they have allowed that cloud of suspicion to hover over the presidency — over the Trump administration’s efforts to govern — heedless of the damage to the country.

This is not the stuff of contentious legal debate.  

Yet, as George Stephanopoulos has shown us, the propaganda media has been, and is going to continue, keeping alive the Russian collusion narrative for what can only be viewed as political purposes.

Remember, the special counsel was appointed for the purpose of removing the investigation from political bias.  Now that the special counsel has determined that no collusion with Russia took place, and begins to wrap up his investigation, Democrats are determined to turn the investigation into a political tool.

Funny how the media no longer demands a politically unbiased investigation of the president.