As the deprogramming of American kids continues, it seems the statistics speak for themselves, more and more Americans finally realized that this left-wing media outlet brings nothing but trouble.

The biggest left-wing propaganda machine CNN was booted from the Norwin School district, which is just outside of Pittsburgh.

And now, the school board in Pennsylvania decided to ban the Cable News Network.

Norwin school board decided to ban CNN on their mandatory daily broadcasts after it gets  5-4 votes, in favor of the ban.

This is by far the best news to be reported…

Washington Beacon has more of the details:

The Norwin Star reported that the Pittsburgh-area Norwin School Board voted 5 to 4 on Monday to halt daily broadcasts of CNN 10 during middle school homerooms.

Banning CNN 10 was among the campaign promises made by new school board members Christine Baverso, Alexander Detschelt, and Shawna Ilagan, whom parents voted into office in 2021.

Parents have objected to the bias of the program. One said broadcasting it gave her son the message “that CNN is a label you can trust.”

“This community voted for change,” Tammy Marino of Irwin told the Star. Another parent said school boards “should not be about politics or which political party controls the school board.”

Some teachers who attended the school district meeting said they think the board overstepped its bounds in banning CNN 10. One eighth grade social studies teacher said the program “supports the school district’s mission statement of civic engagement by the students,” according to the Star.

TVs will now be shut off unless they are needed to watch commemorative broadcasts such as “Veterans Day or the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor.”

CNN 10 is a digital news program that produces the “big stories of the day, explained in 10 minutes,” according to its website. The show is anchored by Carl Azuz, a self-described gym rat and purveyor of bad puns. At the beginning of each broadcast, he promises to give a “down-the-middle explanation of world news.”

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox Business

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Washington Beacon

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