Despite the doom and gloom analysis the leftist media spout every day on their Democrat sponsored television stations,  Americans don’t seem to be buying it. Liberal talking heads continue to rail and say the President Elect will destroy the economy and kill the middle class.

It seems that, in fact, the American people are quite impressed with the nearly 70,000 new jobs Trump has negotiated to save and or create since winning the election. So impressed that a poll from CNBC revealed…

…42% of Americans now believe Trump will begin fixing the economy by next year!!

Let me put that into perspective for you. This same poll was taken at the exact same time last year and only 25% of Americans thought Obama would actually make the economy better. Trump has almost doubled that already and he is not even in office!

This is great news for America. More jobs means more confidence from every-day Americans in the economy. This means more people spending money which leads to even more economic growth and prosperity. (H/T – Daily Mail)


Obama may have preached hope and change, but all he brought this him was despair and division. President Trump is acting like a Good president should, and with our help he will Make America Great again!!

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