After Spending Years Bashing One Percenters, Here’s How Much Money Bernie Sanders Made

Democrats make up the one percent while pretending to be a member of the middle class.

Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic bid for presidential candidate to Hillary Clinton. During his campaign Bernie Sanders did his best to appeal to the lower income bracket by promising to make things more affordable.

Now the truth has been revealed about just how much Sanders made during 2016, over a million dollars, in one year. How was this information revealed? Sanders had to apply for a 20 day extension because apparently a million a year doesn’t afford one enough to pay taxes on time.

Via IJR: 

After filing for a 20-day extension, it’s been revealed just how much money Sen. Bernie Sander (D-VT) made in 2016 — and it’s official, the self-described Democratic Socialist is part of the 1 percent.

Altogether, Senator Sanders made more than $1 million. According to Seven Days, an independent publication in Vermont, most of that million came from book royalties. Sanders received a whopping $795,000 advance for his book, “Our Revolution.” He also received a $63,750 advance for his upcoming book, “Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution.”

Seven Days further reports he also received $2,521 in royalties for his 1987 folk album, “We Shall Overcome.”

Sanders also drew $5,086 in pension payments from the city of Burlington, Vermont.

All of this is in addition to the $174,000 he makes for being a U.S. senator.

Yeah Bernie, clearly you can relate to low income families because times are rough financially.